Millennials respond to advice that they could afford a house if they stop buying sandwiches

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Helen Booth
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We’ve had it with your property buying advice, estate agents.

Yesterday, estate agents Strutt & Parker offered some ‘helpful’ advice for getting on the property ladder. Apparently, millennials could save enough for a deposit to buy a house in just five years if only they gave up six “luxuries” – including holidays, nights out and sandwiches.

Yeah, you heard us right: sandwiches.

Have these so-called ‘experts’ learned nothing from that avocado toast fiasco a few months ago?

According to the report, shared by the Evening Standard, young people could save the £64,000 they would need for an average London property deposit by ditching takeaway meals, preparing lunch at home, cutting out an annual city break, saying no to mobile upgrades and giving up Lottery tickets.

Oh, but that’s only if your parents can also spot you £30,000.

Twitter has done the sums, and concluded that something doesn’t add up.

It seems these experts (probably baby boomers, lording it up in Pret, chatting on their iPhone X’s about their upcoming weekend trip to New York) won’t be happy until millennials have given up all of life’s small joys – regardless of whether it actually means they might eventually be able to afford a house or not.

Sigh. We’ll leave it to Twitter to provide the sickest burns.

And there you go.

Hopefully this will be the last piece of advice we’ll see regarding sandwiches, avocados and property, but something tells us we shouldn’t hold our breath.