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These mouth-watering iPhone covers give a whole new meaning to calling for takeout.

The incredibly realistic-looking designs are fashioned from plastic and feature all manner of dishes, from noodles and sushi to bacon and eggs. The so-called "iMeshi" are the brainchild of Japan-based cell phone company Strapya and cost around £31 each. They allow customers to figuratively as well as literally chew the fat while talking on their phones.

However, company spokesman James Sweatman warns people cannot use their cameras with the covers on, as "the company didn't want to compromise the realism of the cases by placing a big lens hole on a beautifully constructed bento or sushi replica iPhone case."

Tickle your tasebuds and take a look at the different food covers on offer above and below...

Picture credits: Strapya/Rex Features

ABOVE: Noodle dish

ABOVE: Rich dish

ABOVE: Eggs and bacon

ABOVE: Fried breadcrumb dish

ABOVE: Dessert cover

ABOVE: Noodle dish

ABOVE: Sushi

ABOVE: Sushi

ABOVE: More sushi

ABOVE: Dessert cover


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