Introducing Money Mondays: Stylist’s expert guide to managing your finances

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Sarah Biddlecombe
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Money Mondays is your go-to guide for all the information you need to manage your finances.

Money management is one of the most essential skills we can master and yet, inexplicably, it’s a topic that we’re rarely taught about in school, college or university.

Unless someone sits you down at some point to explain things such as the minutiae of getting a mortgage, or the pros and cons of investing in one of the many stocks and shares available on the internet, the world of money can take a lot of research (and trial and error) to understand.

Which is why, here at, we have decided to launch a brand new series of columns investigating and explaining everything you need to know about issues relating to money. Appearing on the website from next week, Money Mondays will bring you two features a week, delving into the world of money management from the perspective of either a single woman or a woman in a partnership.

Independent Woman’s Bank Account will focus on money issues that may be most relevant for single women. The series will delve into topics such as how to buy property as a single person, everything you need to know about investing in stocks and shares and tips on keeping on top of your finances.

Money Can’t Buy Me Love will focus on money issues that may be most relevant for women in a couple or partnership. The series will focus on the issues that crop up when money meets romance, such as how to manage a joint bank account, how to get on the property ladder as a pair and how to have the all-important ‘money conversation’ before moving in together.

Of course, everyone is welcome to read any of the articles in the series, and we hope the information will be informative and useful.

Head to our brand new Money channel, launching next week, to browse all the content in the franchise so far and read our other articles relating to the topic, and check back in each Monday when the new articles will drop. And don’t forget to follow the hashtag #MoneyMondays on social media.

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