This pain-free hack will help you save an extra £1500 in 2018

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If you want to reach the end of 2018 a little richer (or, more specifically, £1500 richer), then it’s time to say hello to the 365-day money challenge.

We all know the usual ‘tricks’ to saving pennies: making our own sandwiches and taking them to work puts an end to all those Pret lunches, while cutting out booze for an entire year could save us a whopping £787. Even making our own hot drinks in the office kitchen (rather than, y’know, nipping to Starbucks or Costa) could save us £500.

But, that being said, life is all about the little pleasures – and restricting ourselves to limp homemade cheese-and-marmite sandwiches every single lunchbreak doesn’t sound all that fun.

Thank goodness, then, that there’s a pain-free alternative.

The clever folks at Apartment Therapy have come up with the 365-day money challenge, which guarantees that you’ll have saved an extra £1500 come the end of 2018.

So what do we need to do?

Well, it’s all pretty simple: set aside £1 a day, working your way up throughout the week – so on Sunday, you save £1, £2 on Monday, £3 on Tuesday, and continue on until Saturday, when you put aside £7.

Then, every Sunday, you restart at the £1 mark.

By doing this religiously, you’ll save £28 a week, or £112 a month. Come the end of the year, you’ll have stashed away £1,456 – which should help out a little with that post-Christmas fugue.

You can attempt the 365-day money challenge by depositing coins into a jar (some people feel more productive if they use cash). However, if you really want to go down the minimal effort route, Apartment Therapy suggest that you set up a recurring automatic weekly transfer of £28.

Visit their website now for more of their doable savings tips and tricks.

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