Monopoly releases a Friends edition for die-hard fans

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The competitive tenor that runs through all rounds of Monopoly has just risen by several notches, thanks to the release of a special Friends version of the time-honoured board game. 

A collector’s edition of the game, complete with a 90s sitcom twist, is now available to buy on website The Works

The new adaptation of Monopoly will be a chance for dedicated fans of the Manhattan sitcom to revel in their obsession, with stops represented by various memories from the show.

“Play as either Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey or Chandler by choosing one of the exclusive tokens which are iconic to the gang,” the blurb reads. “Will it be Rachel’s handbag, Ross’ dinosaur, Chandler’s sweater vest or even Phoebe’s acoustic guitar?”

Ready to play Friends Monopoly?

One of TV’s most popular sitcoms of all-time, the allure of Friends shows no sign of waning - even 14 years after it aired its last episode.

Sure, your average 16-year-old might not have ever heard of Rachel ‘n’ Ross (shocker) but millennials who came of age with the show ensure its enduring appeal.

In recent years, the FriendsFest pop-up - where Londoners were treated to a fully interactive tour of Monica and Rachel’s apartment, along with Central Perk and its legendary sofa - was a resounding sell-out, as was Friends! The Musical stage show in New York (complete with genius songs such as How You Doing, Ladies? and Oh. My. God. It’s Janice!)

And now we have this latest ode to the TV show, which may also serve as something of a peace-keeper. 

Monopoly, after all, famously ends in blazing rows - but a feel-good Friends theme is bound to lift the tension. Bring it on.

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