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Just 30 minutes of exercise in the morning could be the secret to boosting your productivity at work

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Get your day off to a running start – literally.

Going for a morning run or getting in a gym session before work can make us more productive, according to a recent study. 

There’s a lot of focus put on our morning routines – so much so that we’re obsessed with poring over the morning routines of successful women we admire, looking for tips and tricks on how to nail what is often termed the most important part of the day.

And alongside choosing the right alarm clock and finding the best energy-boosting breakfast recipes, a recent study has revealed that getting your body moving could be the secret to getting more done throughout day. In fact, according to researchers from the University of Western Australia, making time to fit in just 30 minutes of exercise every morning could be enough to give your productivity a big boost.

Findings show that half an hour of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, like running or a dance class, in the morning improves cognitive functions associated with decision-making and therefore enables you to be more switched on and productive for the rest of your day.

The paper, entitled Distinct Effects of Acute Exercise and Breaks in Sitting on Working Memory and Executive Function in Older Adults, examined what happened to 67 males and females aged between 55-80 years when they did 30 minutes of morning exercise on a treadmill and then three-minute walks every half an hour throughout the rest of the day, to break up periods of sedentary sitting down. This is something we reckon all office workers recognise as sending you into a slump, no matter what your age.

The researchers then used cognitive assessment tests that were conducted at four different times throughout the day to assess psychomotor function, attention, executive function, visual learning, and working memory.

How exercise can benefit productivity
Morning exercise: spending just 30 minutes moving your body in the morning could help you to tackle your to-do list.

They found that a combination of 30 minutes of morning exercise with breaks throughout the working day gave the best results, but that the initial burst of energy first thing was most crucial to decision making.

Summing up their results, researchers said: “A morning bout of moderate-intensity exercise improves serum BDNF and working memory or executive function in older adults, depending on whether or not subsequent sitting is also interrupted with intermittent light-intensity walking.”

Although we also presumed that starting the day off with a gym session was good for us, this research has cemented its benefits for not just the mind but the body, too. 

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