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7 comforting podcasts that Stylist team members are listening to right now

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If you’d like to curl up with a comforting podcast while staying indoors, here are some favourites that Stylist team members often rely on in challenging times. 

With people across the UK now settling into social distancing, we’re all looking for fun and comforting ways to pass the time in our homes.

Everyone has different ways of coping with things, but listening to podcasts is something we can all find comfort in. From gripping true crime series to very funny podcasts by women and classic Desert Island Discs episodes – they’re perfect for a little distraction.

Although it’s always great to see that a new episode of your favourite podcast series has dropped, now might be a nice time to also revisit some old ones that have brought you comfort before. Perhaps a particular conversation completely changed your outlook on the world? Or maybe you once found yourself laughing so hard that you very nearly peed?

Here, Stylist team members share the podcasts – old and new – that they’re turning to right now. 

Kayleigh Dray, digital editor-at-large

The Adam Buxton Show is, without a doubt, the aural equivalent of a mug of hot cocoa. It’s uplifting, always. It radiates positivity and support, too. It always, always, always has me laughing out loud before too long, no matter how bad a mood I’m in. And, on top of all that, it’s easily one of the best interview shows out there. Why? Because Dr Buckles instantly puts every single celebrity at ease, which means you always get something very, very different out of them. 

“Like, say, Louis Theroux getting hyped-up on energy drinks and enthusiastically singing “yes sir, I can boogie, but I need a certain song” without prompting. Or our beloved Aisling Bea recalling the time things got weird when she refused to wear free shoes at a comedy gig. Or Greta Gerwig (actual Greta Gerwig) sharing her biggest movie influences. Or Garth Jennings mindlessly revealing all about an altercation with his father-in-law over… over a haircut? I recommend kicking off with episode 29 if you want to start on a high!”

Megan Murray, digital writer

“Stanley Tucci on Dolly Alderton’s Love Stories. There’s something about his voice that sounds like he’s always smiling, and hearing him talk about falling in love makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s such an easy listen.”

Lizzie Pook, travel editor

“I love listening to The Sunday Salon with Alice Azania Jarvis, particularly the episode with Jessie Burton, author of The Miniaturist. Not only does Alice have the most wonderfully soothing voice, but she interviews some truly fascinating authors about their back-story, motivations for writing and their process for honing their novels. Which, let’s face it, could come in pretty handy for those who are going to be using their isolation time writing the ‘next great British novel’.”

Lucy Robson, SEO editor 

The Gemma Collins Podcast – especially the episode about aliens, and the time her mum encountered one on the tube. The woman is a fucking genius.”

Charlotte Wolff, video production manager

“I like to listen to No Such Thing As A Fish. There are so many bizarre facts being thrown around and the group of four speakers recount these facts with humour while having a bit of banter with each other. Each episode is just as random as the next. This is a podcast that’ll be sure to take your mind off these worrying times and soak up some facts that may come across handy in a pub quiz when we can enjoy those again.”

Lisa Harvey, features editor

“The podcasts I’ve been listening to are a mix of lols, escapism, insight and eye-openers. So they include The Guilty Feminist, The Missing CryptoQueen, The Stand, You’re Dead To Me, Have you Heard George’s Podcast? and The Kitchen Is On Fire. x 

Hollie Richardson, digital writer

“I always turn to Desert Island Discs for a little comfort. I’ve cried at Anne Marie-Duff’s episode countless times while mending a broken heart. And I just want to be best pals with Caitlin Moran each time I listen to her discs. But, Marian Keyes’ is my favourite – I could listen to her calming Irish lilt all day. If there’s one voice that’s going to soothe my anxieties right now, it’s hers. She talks in such a relatable way about fear, shame and alcoholism. And the way she talks about writing her books makes me want to pick up my pen to finally start that novel.”

If you need any more recommendations for podcasts to listen to right now, take a look at Stylist’s Earworm section. 

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