The most decadent and delicious brunch recipes

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The idea of brunch evokes memories of plates overflowing with food; tables crowded with familiar faces chatting and laughing; mimosas feeling seemingly bottomless and bellies becoming full, round and content.

In our opinion, the sacred hours between 10am and 2pm are one of the best times to have a big meal. Whether it's a large stack of pancakes or a runny eggs benedict, there's something about brunch food that brings people together and sets you up for the rest of the day. 

In spirit of this, we've scoured the internet for the most indulgent brunch dishes which you can make for small or large gatherings. 

For all you sweet-toothed readers out there, we present cherry french toast with vanilla cream and dark chocolate waffles. For those who prefer savoury, we've found a delicious breakfast pizza and baked salmon and eggs in crusty rolls. And, for good measure, we've rounded off with a handful of delicious cocktail recipes.

  • Cherry french toast with vanilla cream

    Upgrade your classic French toast with this recipe that uses cherry-infused bread and a generous helping of rich cherry sauce. Since most of the components can be made in advance (recommeded maximum two days ahead) this delicious treat comes together in just 10-15 minutes. 

    Find the recipe here

  • Rome's Eggs Benedict

    Mediterranean foods is the very definition of la dolce vita, conjuring up images of hazy summer days, lovable laughing relatives and general feelings of warmth and happiness. And apparently, it's one of the most healthy and nourishing diets out there. Which is all the more reason to give this Mediterranean egg sandwich a go. It rests on ciabatta bread alongside pesto, Roma tomatoes and prosciutto. Finish with a dusting of parmesan cheese to make it classically Italian.

    Find the recipe here 

  • Dark chocolate waffles

    Chocolate devotees will relish in this rich but not sickly sweet dish. The use of buttermilk brings a slight tang to the batter and the use of oilve oil offers a fruity richness. Drizzle with melted butter and syrup or strawberries and whipped cream.

    Find the recipe here

  • Eggs Benedict with bacon and Avodaise

    Let us introduce you to Avodaise - a lemony Hollandaise that's completely re-imagined with the addition of creamy avocado. The rich sauce goes brilliantly with a generous helping of crispy bacon and on toasted bread of your choice. 

    Find the recipe here

  • Emerald Street's all-day brunch

    Love brunch? Don't miss Emerald Street's all-day brunch with Kerb in London on Saturday 18 July 2015.

    They'll be loads of delicious food and bubbles, plus a braid bar, craft classes and more. 

    Book your £12 ticket here.

  • Breakfast pizza

    Created by California's famous pizza bakery Big Sur Bakery and adapted by many, this pizza base, bacon and mozzarella is perfect for anyone hoping to cook with one dish and serve many.

    Find the recipe here

  • Soft-boiled duck egg with bacon & asparagus soldiers

    This boiled egg and soldiers recipe for grown ups features pancetta and asparagus sourdough fingers to dip in creamy duck eggs.

    Find the recipe here

  • Baked salmon and eggs in crusty rolls

    Hollow out a crispy poppy-seed roll and fill it with a slice of salmon and egg. Easy-peasy and it tastes delicious.

    Find the recipe here

  • Blueberry croissant casserole

    In the same vein as bread and butter pudding, use up your stale croissants with this one-dish recipe. Once baked in the oven for roughly 30 minutes, out comes a mushy, pudding-like sweet brekky.

    Find the recipe here

  • Croissant sandwiches

    From steak with brie and sun-dried tomato to chicken pesto provolone, these deep-filled croissants will see you through to tea time.

    Find the recipe here

  • Breakfast tacos with balsamic honey glaze

    Loaded with cheesy scrambled eggs, maple glazed bacon, fresh herbs, and a balsamic glaze, this breakfast taco is one moreish treat.

    Find the recipe here

  • Mushroom, potato and chorizo fry-up

    This fry-up with warm flavours of chorizo and mushroom is the perfect for brunch on cold morning.

    Find the recipe here

  • Honey cloud pancakes

    A light-as-a-cloud, honey pancake that has whipped egg white folded into it for an extra nutritional boost.

    Find the recipe here

  • Dark chocolate avocado mousse with coconut caramelised bananas.

    When you've add a long and mentally testing week, this indulgent little breakfast mousse is quite the saviour. It's easy - throw the avocados, dark chocolate and cocoa powder into the food processor -  and tastes like perfection.

    Find the recipe here

  • Tomato, pepper and egg in a skillet

    If you're in a rush or on a camping trip, try this all-in-one, eggs in purgatory dish.

    Find the recipe here

  • Potato rosti with avocado and red onion salsa

    This moreish brunch is ideal for when you're suffering a hangover, and the red onion, tomato and avocado topping is packed with goodness to see you right through lunch.

    Find the recipe here

  • Hashbrowns, Spinach and Tomato Pie

    This breakfast pie, quiche or omelette is ideal is a filling dish that can be ready in 40 minutes.

    Find the recipe here

  • Drink: Boozy Affogato

    When the hot espresso meets the cold gelato and it all starts to melt this drink is incredible. The addition of a shot of hazelnut liqueur brings extra warmth for a chilly day.

    Find the recipe here

  • Blackberry Thyme sparkler

    This colourful mixture of blackberry, thyme and champagne nicely finishes off a special brunch.  

    Find the recipe here

  • Raspberries and orange mimosa

    There's no need for measuring with this recipe; pour orange juice and champagne over raspberries and you're ready to serve.

    Find the recipe here

  • Pomegranate mimosa

    Pomegranate juice makes a refreshing addition to this classic brunch drink

    Find the recipe here

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