Revealed: the most popular cat and dog names of 2017

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The most popular pet names for this year have been announced, and no, we would never use this as an excuse to flood you with excellent animal pictures.

The upsides to owning a loveable bundle of fur are plentiful. Dogs, for example, have been proven to reduce stress in their owners, help those that look after them live longer and raise the happiness levels of basically anyone who comes into contact with them.

Cats, though they hold a reputation of aloofness, really do love their owners too and make the perfect snuggle partners on a cosy evening on the sofa (watching Netflix’s latest Christmas offerings, perhaps?).

But naming them can be a tricky business. Whether you reap delight from giving them a joyously silly title along the lines of Princess Sparkle, or from something suitably serious and dignified, like Bernard, it can take a while to pin down that perfect moniker.

If you’re in need of some inspiration (or just nosy) you’ll be excited to hear that Argos Pet Insurance has announced the most popular cats and dogs names for 2017, split into both male and female categories for both species. 

While last year, a similar list pegged Bella as the top name for female pets, this year it has been toppled by Poppy, with Bella and Molly following up as second and third for both cats and dogs. And there is a clear trend for names ending with an ‘ly’ sound, with almost all the names in the top 10 for both cats and dogs following this pattern.

Over to the boys and ,it seems that traditional names have come out on top. Charlie, Oscar, Alfie and Max are by far the most popular for both male cats and dogs, all appearing in the first quarter.

Read on for the top 10 lists of male and female names, split into cats and dogs, and let us know if you will be using any. And if you want something a little more unusual, just remember you’ll be the one shouting it in the park, eh? 

Just look at that little paw!

Most popular female cat names in the UK in 2017

1. Poppy
2. Bella
3. Molly
4. Tilly
5. Daisy
6. Millie
7. Lola
8. Lily
9. Rosie
10. Willow

Kitten kisses are the cutest kind 

Most popular male cat names in the UK in 2017

1. Charlie
2. Oscar
3. Alfie
4. Max
5. Milo
6. Jasper
7. George
8. Leo
9. Simba
10. Harry

Pucker up puppy 

Most popular female dog names in the UK in 2017

1. Poppy
2. Bella
3. Molly
4. Daisy
5. Lola
6. Ruby
7. Millie
8. Rosie
9. Tilly
10. Roxy

Can we take him home?

Most popular male dog names in the UK in 2017

1. Alfie
2. Charlie
3. Max
4. Oscar
5. Buddy
6. Archie
7. Bailey
8. Teddy
9. Milo
10. Toby

If you’re in need of even more inspiration, check out last year’s name hall of fame here.

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