These are the top 20 things stressing us out this summer

These are officially the top 20 things stressing us out this summer, according to a new survey

It’s summertime and living isn’t always easy. Despite worshipping the sun, it turns out that we Britons actually have plenty of gripes when it comes to the warm weather.

We might think of summer as the season of ease, sun and soft life for some of us, but the reality can feel far from it. As the results of a new survey attest, according to a fifth of the nation, summertime is actually the most stressful season.

And when you think about it, it makes sense. The unpredictable weather, hayfever sniffles and prospect of airport delays are all enough to make the easily-flustered British public frown.

According to Groupon, who conducted the study, despite our gripes and concerns over how much we spend during the summer months, almost a quarter of us experience FOMO and end up saying yes to everything. Amid brunches, staycations and trips abroad, our calendars become so booked and busy that 27% of us say we rarely have a weekend free during the season.

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“We spend all of winter looking forward to the warmer months, and despite our optimism it’s not without its challenges,” explains Jeremy Paterson, vice president of Groupon International.

Your hot girl summer quickly turning into stressed girl summer? These could be the top 20 reasons why.

The top 20 stresses of summer, according to the British public

1. Being too hot to sleep (40%)
2. The unreliable weather in the UK (31%)
3. Mosquito / insect bites (22%)
4. Hayfever (20%)
5. Not knowing what to wear for the temperamental weather (15%)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, weather woes are right there at the top of the list. Between heatwaves and washed-out weekends, planning anything in the UK can be a stressful task. As for dealing with bites and hayfever on top of it? Don’t even get us started…

Rainy days are the trademark of a British summer.
Rainy days are the trademark of a British summer.

6. Having to work when it’s sunny outside (13%)
7. The cost of the summer e.g. holidays, socialising with friends, keeping the kids entertained etc. (12%)
8. Flight cancellations (11%)
9. Getting sunburnt / dodgy tan lines (10%)
10. Unpacking after a holiday (10%)

As we deal with a cost of living crisis, it’s only natural that the inevitable summer spending is on a lot of our minds, too. 

Avoiding sunburn is another popular summer grumble.
Avoiding sunburn is another popular summer grumble.

11. Busy beaches (10%)
12. Packing for a holiday (10%)
13. Long car journeys and the inevitable summer queues (10%)
14. Sweat marks (9%)
15. The hot commute to work (9%)

Is there anything worse than commuting in the sweltering heat? We think not.

Packing your wardrobe into one case = stress.
Packing your wardrobe into one case = stress.

16. The cost of having to travel during the school summer holidays (9%)
17. Having to get into a bikini / swimming shorts (6%)
18. Having to shave my legs (5%)

Not everyone enjoys shorts season.
Not everyone enjoys shorts season.

19. Booking a summer holiday (5%)
20. Getting your legs out for the first time since last summer (5%)

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