Mother writes moving open letter to bullies who ripped her teen daughter's wig off

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Emily Reynolds
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Myckelle Williams, whose daughter’s wig was ripped off at school, has penned a moving open letter about the incident in an attempt to highlight insecurity and bullying…

Your school years can be hard enough at the best of times – and when you don’t fit in, it can be even harder. 

And that’s perfectly illustrated by the story of this girl, Lauren, who attends Williamson County High School in Tennessee. 

Lauren, 16, has a scalp condition that causes hair breakage and loss – meaning that she often wears a wig to school. And earlier this month, her wig was torn off her head at school – apparently for a $5 bet. 

The video was then posted to Snapchat with the caption “weave snatchin’”. 

And now Lauren’s mother, Myckelle Williams, has penned a moving open letter about the incident in an attempt to highlight insecurity and bullying. 

“Yesterday I received a call from my youngest daughter screaming and crying on the phone, for me to come and get her from school,” Williams writes. “Apparently, some boys had taken a $5 BET about pulling her wig off in front of everyone.”

“We all know how easy it is to feel insecure at age 16.”

After the incident, Lauren even decided to shave her hair off “and not let the bullies win”. 

“She was not wanting to feel controlled by her hair any longer, and take back her control. I am only posting this with her permission but yesterday our entire family was angered and in tears about the way she was treated,” she writes. “The teen suicide rate has now DOUBLED and bullying has played a HUGE Role.”

Williams also gives advice to parents of teens going through bullying. 

“If you have a teen in this situation, continue to uplift them and let them know that they are strong and beautiful and can own their insecurities and take control rather than being controlled,” she writes. “I admire the strength and beauty of my little Lulu and know that she will inspire many others even through this difficult time in her life.”

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