Movie makeovers that should never have happened

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"How with this rage shall beauty hold a plea, Whose action is no stronger than a flower?"

Nothing ravages beauty like time, mortality and a colossal amount of ill-applied beauty products - just ask She's All That's Rachael Leigh-Cook or Jawbreaker's Judy Greer.

In compiling cinema's best makeovers Stylist thought about the five on-screen transformations where we just liked them better before.

From hate crimes against hair in The Breakfast Club to make-up abuse in Mean Girls, here's a reminder of the Hollywood beauty revolutions that should never have happened...

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Words: Anna Pollitt. Images: Rex Features

  • Movie Makeover Fails

    Laney - She's All That

    Unsuspecting Prom Queen candidate Laney Boggs (Rachael Leigh Cook) is prised away from her specs and dungarees in Hollywood's teen take on My Fair Lady and given an unnecessary makeover, from quirky art student to teatime weather presenter.

  • Movie Makeover Fails

    Iona, Pretty In Pink

    In teen flick years, Molly Ringwold's mentor Iona is considered ancient at 30, but what she lacks in youth, she makes up for in outfits.

    A free spirit with an industrial can of hairspray, her looks range from spiky punk, to 40s-style siren, to prototype Lady Gaga. And she owns her own record store - just all round cool.

    Why then, did John Hughes and the Brat Pack powers-that-be make her trade in her chameleonic ways for one final transformation into an early Countdown years Carol Vorderman clone?

  • Movie Makeover Fails

    Allison - Breakfast Club

    John Hughes really didn't get makeovers. Perhaps his most devastating effort comes courtesy of Ally Sheedy's "basketcase" Allison.

    What she needed was a bottle of Head & Shoulders. What she got was an Alice band with a floppy bow and an extraordinary flicked-up fringe. Plus we liked "all that black s**t" round her eyes.

  • Movie Makeover Fails

    Fern - Jawbreaker

    In case there's any doubt that "pale and interesting" equates to "unattractive and unpopular" in Hollywood's cold-hearted high schools, geeky Fern (Judy Greer) gets a bombshell makeover to fit in.

    However, the resulting transformation proves platinum blonde pixie crops really are not for everyone. The fringe was cool Fern.

  • Movie Makeovers That Should Never Have Happened

    Cady - Mean Girls

    Mean Girls - the film that saw wholesome Cady Heron transformed into... Lindsay Lohan.


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