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How many times a week are you rudely awoken by your alarm clock, only to hit the snooze button and wish you could stay as one with your bed forever? 

If, like us, your answer is every-bloody-day, then fear not, for we may just have stumbled upon a solution.

A new piece of furniture is gaining a cult following on Reddit for being the “one thing” that people wish they had in their lives.

And we can certainly see what all the fuss is about – part-bed, part-life-saver, the item pretty much guarantees that you will never have to part ways with your duvet again.

Behold: the bed
Behold: the bed

The piece of furniture basically soups up your average bed, by kitting it out with all kinds of tech and gadgets.

Surrounding the mattress itself are built-in speakers that connect to any device, alongside power outlets to keep everything charged.

There’s also a customised massage chair – because why wouldn’t you want a bed with a customised massage chair?

A massage chair attached to your bed, because why not?
A massage chair attached to your bed, because why not?

If there comes a point when you have to do something beyond just lying in your dream bed, such as a spot of work, your every need is already catered for.

The bed features a work station complete with a flexible desk for your laptop, and plenty of storage options for hiding away bulky files and notepads when the working day is over:

The ideal home office?
The ideal home office?

There’s lots of built in space for displaying books, knick-knacks and photos of your loved ones:

bed desk
Who needs shelves?

The cosy bed also doubles up as a storage unit, with the flippable mattress hiding a secret space under the bed for stashing linens and extra blankets:

Secret storage space has never felt so achievable
Secret storage space has never felt so achievable

And finally, of course, there’s the one attachment that all beds should have: you guessed it, a safe:

Why wouldn't you want a safe in bed with you?
Why wouldn't you want a safe in bed with you?

Fancy installing one of these bad boys in your bedroom? Of course you do.

It’s currently being sold across Asia for around $1000 (£763.53), but it is available for international shipping, so head to SG shop here for more information. You can thank us later.

Images: SG shop


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