“Dear friends without children”: mum’s open letter goes viral

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Lucy Devine
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A mum has penned an emotional open letter to her "friends without children", thanking them for caring about her kids. 

Australian blogger and author Constance Hall, posted the message on Facebook on Sunday, where so far it's racked up almost 100,000 likes and nearly 18,000 shares. 

The mum-of-four thanked her child-free friends for "[coming] to my kids parties", "laughing at stories" and "[visiting] kid friendly restaurants [to] eat curly f**king chips while my a**ehole children play on your phone and knock your drink over".

Hall also thanked her friends who are unable to have children and those who chose not to. 

"Some of you chose not to have kids, I admire that so much. Some of you desperately wanted them and instead of being jealous or bitter towards me for having so many you relish in mine and love them with your whole soul."

Hall ended the post by confessing she couldn't remember a time that she sacrificed a Saturday night to "sit on the kitchen floor playing twister with a friend's kid". 

She concluded: "So thanks for being true Queens."

The message, which currently has over 15,000 comments, seems to have struck a chord with parents and friends across the world. One follower pointed out the obvious assumption, confessing: "When I first read the line 'Dear friends without children' I have to admit I thought oh here we go again, telling us how much we don't know and will never understand, and how we aren't allowed to have opinions because we haven't given birth. But the actual post was so refreshing!! My niece is the most special person in my life and I would gladly turn down any social function to spend more time with her."

Many took to the Facebook post to write messages of thanks to their own friends without kids. One follower commented: "Thank you for letting my ferals take over your TV channel every time we visit, thank you for letting them create "art" in your lounge room. Thank you for letting them raid your cupboards and fridge, thank you for putting up with the mega tantrums and listening to me complain and doat!" 

You can read the full open letter here

Main photo (above): @mrsconstancehall