Forget Netflix and chill, this streaming service is so boring it will send you to sleep

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Harriet Hall
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We’ve been told time and again that watching telly before we go to sleep is a bad idea – blue light, brain stimulation, yada yada yada.

But now, someone has invented a streaming service so deathly boring that it can do nothing if not send you into a blissful reverie.

The Spanish video platform, aptly called Napflix, aims to lull viewers to sleep using “monotony and repetition”, and has launched this week.

Created by Victor Gutierrez de Tena and Francesc Bonet, the site has a similar appearance to Netflix and features different categories of films from documentaries to sport and music.

Subjects encompass everything from from Tupperware documentaries, to watching chess, or even watching a chicken turn on a rotisserie for 54 minutes.

“The idea is to make entertainment boring,” says Gutierrez. “It could be the kind of things that remind us of our childhood, like post-lunch classes and TV serials we watched after meals which just went on and on, ones where you wouldn’t lose the plot if you fell asleep.”

Forget snooze, time to press play.


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Harriet Hall

Harriet Hall is a former Stylist contributor.