The death of the Tooty Frootie: a tragic loss or good riddance?

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Tooty Frooties axed by Nestle

Tooty Frooties forever, or good riddance? 

Forget Brexit, we’ve got way more important issues at hand: Nestlé has announced Tooty Frooties are no more. 

Those cute, chewy sweets are a nostalgic favourite for many, a packet of sweets you could always rely to be there, taking up space at the local off licence’s dusty confectionery shelves. But now they’re gone, and 2019 will always be remembered as the year that future generations were robbed of their chance to snack on hard-shelled, far too brightly coloured confectionery. 

Nestlé broke the news earlier today (22 March) on Twitter, after a Tooty Frootie lover queried why they couldn’t find their favourite sweet in stores. 

“Unfortunately, we’ve had to say goodbye to Tooty Frooties, Philip. Our love for Tooty Frooties will always be there but, for now, we have to let it go,”  Nestlé replied, breaking millions of hearts in the process.

Although the reaction on Twitter has been noticeably, well, distraught for most – not everyone is sad to see the back of the humble ol’ Tooty Froot.

Here, two Stylist writers battle it out to decide once and for all whether Tooty Frooties were simply taking up too much space on the shelf, or are one of the biggest losses of our time. Which team are you on?

A sad farewell from Anna Fielding, Associate Editor 

“Tooty Frooties, I should have come by more often. I shouldn’t have assumed you’d always be there, on the shelves of the newsagents, ready to be chewed up and release a burst of flavour, intense and tongue-curling. And now you’re going. 

When I was little, I’d sort Tooty Frooty sweets by colour, saving the green ones (lime) and the purple (blackberry) for last, as they were obviously the best. Everything changes, doesn’t it, but I still assumed you’d be around forever. 

Goodbye, you cheerful little square sweets. I’ll miss you.”

Tooty Frooties axed by Nestle

Good riddance says Meena Alexander, Sub Editor 

“I want to know how many people have actually parted with their hard-earned cash to purchase some of these cursed sweets in the past decade. I mean WHY? Don’t they like having teeth? 

Who in their right mind would forgo the myriad delicious squishy, foamy and gummy treats on offer for these tiny pellets of despair. If I wanted stale Skittles I would go to my local, suspiciously dusty corner shop (affectionately known as ‘The Food Museum’ in my household). 

The fact that Tooty Frooties’ perilously hard shells give way to a claggy, sugary paste that clings to your teeth like a set of impromptu fillings is just a one-two punch of pure disappointment. Good riddance to a truly mediocre sweet.”

Images: Alessia Armenise