Ares: the Netflix horror series so disturbing, people are too scared to finish it

Netflix’s Ares: people are too scared to finish watching this horror series

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Ares arrived quietly on Netflix, but the horror series has definitely gotten under viewers’ skins. Are you brave enough to watch it through to the end? 

There’s nothing we love more than a good horror series, as our fascination with Typewriter and The Haunting of Hill House has well and truly proven. Now, Netflix has a terrifying new dystopic series to add to the mix: Ares.

However, there’s a problem. Because, according to people on social media, at least, the show has proven itself to be… well, almost too disturbing. So disturbing, in fact, that they’ve found themselves unable to watch it through to the end.

The first season of Ares follows Rosa Steenwijk (Jade Olieberg), a mixed-race medical student in Amsterdam. When she finds out about a secretive student society, she makes it her mission to join. Ares, though, is made up of white, legacy members, and Rosa’s inclusion… well, let’s just say it doesn’t go down well with some.

As Rosa rises through the ranks of Ares, she slowly learns that there’s more to the glossy society than first meets the eye. Something deeply, deeply dark and unnatural, in fact. But will she be able to put all the pieces together before something dreadful takes place, or is it already too late?

Well, to answer that question would be a huge spoiler, so you’ll have to watch the series in its entirety – including that nerve-jangling blockbuster finale – to find out.  Too bad, then, that so many viewers have found this to be impossible.

Ares on Netflix is so fucking disturbing I can’t finish it,” wrote one.

“I’m scared shitless,” admitted another, as they pleaded for someone, anyone, to give them a reason to stick with it.

Others, though – presumably braver, more seasoned horror fans – have taken to Twitter solely to pile praise on the miniseries. They love the “superb casts, fantastic direction and visuals”. The “eerie and engrossing” story. The “macabre” themes of “justice and revenge”. And they love… well, they just love Ares, even going so far as to name it their “favourite foreign Netflix release” so far.

Ares on Netflix is fucked up on soooo many levels but is a true blue story of justice and revenge,” tweeted one such fan. “AND DAMN DID THEY KEEP ME HOOKED.”

Netflix: a still from new horror series, Ares
Netflix: a still from new horror series, Ares

The Dutch horror series – which also stars Tobias Kersloot, Lisa Smit, Robin Boissevain, Roos Dickmann, Jip van den Dool, Steef de Bot, Janni Goslinga, Dennis Rudge, Minne Koole, Jennifer Welts and Florence Vos Weeda – is comprised of just eight 30-minute episodes, making it perfect binge-watch material.

Indeed, some have even described it as an extra-long horror film, suggesting you could feasibly tackle the whole thing in a few hours. Y’know, if you’re brave enough.

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Ares is streaming on Netflix now. Do you dare to watch it?  

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