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Netflix is an all-consuming obsession for many people, and the way we watch it says a lot about who we are. 

A new study from streaming service Netflix has found that TV fans are truly dedicated to the cause, with 67% happy to run a gauntlet of potential issues to watch shows in public. Of these, 37% admitted to tuning into Netflix at work, 27% said they binge-watched while waiting in line and 12% even used public toilets to do so (now we know why the queue for the ladies is so long).

Clearly, TV streaming services are a dominant addiction of the modern age. And, like all compulsive habits, the way that we engage in it reveals a surprising amount about who we are. As we gulp down the final episode of Gilmore Girls – or sit transfixed amid the blood and tears of Orange Is The New Black – we also offer up a glimmer into our souls. The very way that we choose to consume such shows makes a statement about who we are, and how we behave.

So, what do your Netflix habits say about you? Read on for a (highly scientific) interpretation…

The binge racer

A binge racer is focused and driven

A binge racer is the official term coined by Netflix for those who indulge in 24 hours of uninterrupted TV-watching. Not for you the flakiness of binge-watching in public. You need an open avenue of focus and concentration: a free day, or even a weekend, on which to let loose your obsession. In the unlikely event it’s sunny outside, you’ll close the curtains and devote your entire being to chomping through a series within a day of it hitting the platform.

What does it say about you?

You’re impulsive, and love to live in the moment. Why wait for tomorrow for the next episode of Stranger Things when you could have it right now? You have laser-like powers of focus, and will sacrifice anything to achieve your goals. Friends, dates, cooking, clean pants: all fall by the wayside in your quest to finish the brand-new series of Master of None. Once you pop, you just can’t stop and your insatiable appetite for Netflix – and probably life in general – knows no bounds. Being first is important to you and you likely don’t deal well with failure.

Takeaway advice

Your tunnel-vision approach to life is admirable: you really know how to get things done. On the other hand, it can also be exhausting, and may open you up to accusations of selfishness. Try to hold back a little to prevent your maximalist attitude spiralling out of control. You could even (shock, horror) stagger a Netflix series the next time one is released to avoid the inevitable crash and burn.

The opportunist

No stone is left un-turned where the opportunist is concerned

Gym, bog and work-watchers: this one’s for you. You’re extremely canny in eeking out every last minute of your time to catch up on your favourite series. You don’t mind dipping in and out of episodes: to you, the end goal is more important. You’re also adept at multi-tasking. Whether you’re on a train or on a treadmill – or even waiting to deliver a presentation at work – you make the most of every spare minute to land your Netflix hit. 

What it says about you

You’re tenacious and entrepreneurial, with a can-do attitude to life. You excel at creative thinking: a small thing like having a job would never stand in the way of you and your screen date. If there’s a solution, you’ll bide your time and find it, often balancing a multitude of other demands along the way. You also possess a fair amount of gall, and you probably delight in the thrill of a challenge. Annoying your boss or distracting people isn’t the embarrassment it would be to others; you’ll take it on the chin in pursuit of your dreams, Netflix-related or beyond.

Takeaway advice

Your skill for juggling is all well and good. But, sooner or later, the balls have to come tumbling down. You might miss a subtle yet vital part of the plot in a complex series like The Killing. You might get hauled up by your boss, or fall over on the treadmill. While your spirit of enterprise is to be applauded, perhaps it’s time to simplify things. Focus on one activity a time and really give yourself space in order to enjoy life’s many rich offerings (Netflix is head of this list, obviously).

The disciplinarian 

Disciplinarians possess a will of iron

Guzzling through a series in one sitting is anathema to you. You literally couldn’t think of anything worse: it makes you shudder with revulsion. Instead, you consume your Netflix helpings in strictly designated time slots. There’s no over-eating or binge-watch hangovers. You purge with the willpower of an Olympian athlete before allowing yourself just enough Netflix to keep yourself  performing to the max. But not too much. And certainly not more than one episode at a time.

What it says about you

Your steely nerves and sense of self-restraint serve you well in life, whether you’re tackling a work deadline or dragging the suspense of Ozark out around 10 weeks longer than anyone else. You’re not easily influenced by others, instead preferring to stick to your own (carefully-mapped out) agenda. Your iron will and almost superhuman reserves of self-possession ensure you thrive at whatever you turn your hand to. Perhaps you have a natural aversion to emotion, and don’t like to show your feelings too much. Instead of cheering on the ladies of Glow, or sobbing to The Crown, you quietly keep your own counsel.

Takeaway advice

If only more people possessed your kind of self-control, the world would be a better place. Be careful, though, that your sense of autonomy doesn’t cut you off from other people. Such unusual levels of self-discipline can come across as smug or unfeeling. It might be wise to let loose a little on occasion. Live a little, throw caution to the wind. Maybe even watch three episodes of Arrested Development all at once. We dare you.

The groupie

The livin’ is easy for groupies

You’re one of those rare creatures who actually enjoy watching Netflix with other people. Crazy, we know. Instead of lying for hours with just a glowing screen for company, you open things out to be welcoming and inclusive. You love nothing better than collective guffawing at Santa Clarita Diet amid a chorus line of at least five other mates/lovers/relatives. It’s a pack mentality; you weep together and angrily yell together, too. The idea of Netflixing solo is alien to you: you’d just feel so… alone.

What it says about you

Naturally open and gregarious, you wear your heart on your sleeve. You don’t bother hiding your feelings, and you likely wouldn’t be able to, even if you tried. Other people are drawn to you like moths to a flame and life is one long frat party. Watching Netflix is a group experience; without the structure of friends to bounce off, you’d be an empty husk of a person. Not that you care, because you’d simply never be alone. You’re emotionally intelligent, involved and aware: always swimming in a forward direction with your squad right beside you. 

Takeaway advice

You’re a truly warm person to be around; others need you as much as you need them. But the lights have to come up on the party at some point. And remember, when they do, you have a valuable opportunity for self-growth and development. Being alone teaches us important things, such as resilience and awareness. So the next time you tune into New Girl, try doing so by yourself. You never know, you might even enjoy it.

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