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Netflix is giving us the power to remove titles from our ‘Continue Watching’ row

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If Netflix is your go-to source for TV and film content, then you need to read about this absolute game-changer. 

In case you hadn’t noticed already, we’re big Netflix fans over here at Stylist – and that’s because, when it comes to entertainment, the streaming platform rules supreme. 

But, with so many films, TV shows, and documentaries to choose from, we usually spend a good 30 minutes or so scrolling through all of the titles available. At least. And this, in turn, can lead to us hitting ‘play’ on something at random, giving it… ooh, 10 minutes of our time, before suddenly deciding we’re not in the mood.

The big problem with this? Well, all the movies and series we’ve given up on partway through never actually go away. Instead, they become entrenched in our ‘Continue Watching’ row, looming over us like Marley’s ghost. Forever. Or, y’know, until we’ve watched enough new content to bump them to the bottom of the list.

The ‘Continue Watching’ row – easily one of the most prominent, appearing at the top of the Netflix homepage – has also proven itself to be the source of many a blazing row. 

Why? Well, as a study from the streaming company recently revealed, an increasing number of us are indulging in “Netflix cheating”. Which, essentially, means that we’re all going behind our partner’s back to stream an illicit solo episode of a series we had promised to share.

Netflix, though, has now taken pity on the imperfect masses and determined that our past mistakes and betrayals will no longer be emblazoned across the top of our homepage. 

That’s right: the streaming gods have finally created a feature that will allow users to remove films and shows from their ‘Continue Watching’ row. 


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Netflix is giving us the power to remove titles from our ‘Continue Watching’ row.

The ‘Remove From Row’ feature – which you can access by clicking a title and scrolling past the ‘Download Episode’ and ‘Rated’ options – is pretty simple to use. 

All you need to do is click it and voila! Your streaming-sourced shame will be erased from your homepage.

As confirmed by The Verge, the feature is currently only available to Android mobile users on both phone and tablet devices. Netflix intends to roll the ‘Remove From Row’ option out to people using iOS devices from 29 June. Everyone else, unfortunately, will have to wait until later in the summer…

Until then, think about how different our lives are going to be. No more fights over who watched Tiger King solo, no more scrolling through endless tried-and-tested films you just aren’t into. Just… well, just sheer perfection.

We can’t wait.

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