Netflix’s Say I Do: this wedding TV show is basically the lovechild of Queer Eye and Don’t Tell The Bride

Netflix’s Say I Do: this wedding TV show is basically the lovechild of Queer Eye and Don’t Tell The Bride

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Everyone on Twitter is ugly-crying over Netflix’s Say I Do. Here’s why…

You know what we all need right now? The sort of TV show that’s guaranteed to lift our moods, lighten our hearts, and make us feel good about the world again. 

Enter stage left, then, Netflix’s Say I Do.

The reality show, which has been steadily trending on Twitter since its release on 1 July, is basically the beautifully sunny-natured lovechild of Queer Eye and Don’t Tell The Bride. By which we mean, of course, that it takes all the fun wedding planning elements of the latter, blends them with the expert advice and human interest stories of the former, and creates the feel-good, cry-hard TV series of our dreams.

And, judging by reactions on social media, we’re not the only ones who think so.

“I stumbled across Say I Do: Surprise Weddings on Netflix and I am straight up SOBBING at the very first episode,” tweeted one viewer. 

“That poor woman. What they’re doing for her is so heartwarming.”

“If y’all thought Queer Eye was an emotional tearjerker, just wait ‘til you see Say I Do on Netflix,” added another.

“I am not even halfway through the first episode of Say I Do and I’ve already cried three times,” said one more.

Our favourite, though, keeps things simple. 

Speaking to a very specific type of person, it reads: “For all my hopeless romantics, please please please watch Say I Do on Netflix.”

With that in mind, then, here’s everything you need to know about Netflix’s Say I Do: Surprise Weddings.

A still from Say I Do: Surprise Weddings on Netflix
A sweet moment from Say I Do: Surprise Weddings on Netflix.

What’s Netflix’s Say I Do about?

This reality show is all about deserving couples who have always intended to marry, but for one reason or another, were never able to make their big day a reality. The season premiere of Say I Do, for example, focuses on couple Marcus and Tiffany, who are hoping to get a re-do for their wedding after the first time round ended in disaster.

Unlike Don’t Tell The Bride, though, the hapless grooms are not asked to take on the bulk of the wedding planning (thank goodness, eh?).

Instead, interior designer Jeremiah Brent, fashion designer Thai Nguyen, and chef Gabriele Bertaccini (the Terrific Three to Queer Eye’s Fab Five) throw everything they’ve got into making the couples’ dream weddings a reality. 

Say I Do dives into the love stories of these couples and finds out what matters most to them when they tie the knot,” adds Netflix.

“The three experts will help the groom with a plan to surprise their ‘spouse-to-be with a personalised proposal, followed by their dream wedding… just a few days later!”

Is there a trailer for Netflix’s Say I Do?

Of course! And it’s… well, it’s pretty emotionally-charged stuff.

Check it out:

How many episodes of Netflix’s Say I Do are there?

Season one of Netflix’s Say I Do is made up of eight episodes, which means we have eight couples to fall in love with, and eight glorious weddings to pore over.

The titles and synopses for these episodes are as follows:

I Do-Over

Marcus hopes to surprise Tiffany with her ideal wedding redo after a year of loss. With the trio’s help, the event brims with happiness and healing.

Instant Family

No clowns. Just a stunning gown and a fun carnival-themed wedding for a pregnant bride. That’s Michael’s wish for Alex and their growing brood.

Second Chances

Hardship and heartbreak couldn’t extinguish Nikko and Amber’s love. Will they get another shot to wed their way, with tacos, dancing and a 90s vibe?

Love At Any Age

It took a long time for old-school love birds Mattie and Melvin to reconnect. Now they’ll be together forever… if they can open up to each other.

Kindergarten Crush

After a lifetime of building dreams from nothing, Joe longs to make it official with childhood bestie Kerry at a lavish roaring 20s-style wedding.

In Sickness And In Health

An online match leads to love for Jason and Jonathan. Now, after beating back cancer, they want a Christmas-inspired marriage… and more.

Cinderella’s Wedding

After struggling her whole life, Essie stood by Bruce when he was injured in a farming accident. Can he give her the fairy-tale wedding she deserves?

Me And My Guy

Their love was undeniable, but Randy grapples with family judgement and being out and proud. Will Skyler get to throw him a bold, beautiful wedding?

When can I watch Netflix’s Say I Do?

Say I Do is available to stream on Netflix now. Anyone else suddenly in the mood to stay in all weekend (again)?

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