Netflix's GLOW smashes the empowerment stakes with new trailer

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Netflix have developed a pretty impressive roster of diverse documentaries, comedies and TV binge series since they introduced the world to their Netflix Originals back in 2013.

And in a fervent commitment to showcasing all races, body types and an empowered selection of women in their screens, the streaming site has blown our minds with the new trailer for GLOW.

The twenty-second clip, alongside a series of alluring promotional posters, are paying homage to all of the beautiful, badass shapes that will be thrown in the up and coming eighties wrestling comedy.

Think fantastic hair dos, neon eyeshadow, and a plethora of fun unitards.

But, on top of all this retro magic, GLOW is also doing a magnificent job of reminding us that ‘beast mode’ comes in a variety of settings.

Watch the trailer for yourself below:

GLOW (which stands for Glorious Ladies of Wrestling) is a new TV series all about the mighty force of female boxing – and it has been causing quite a stir.

Netflix’s official plot synopsis of Glow promises “big hair” and “body slams” – both of which, to be honest, have already convinced us to give the series a try.

It continues: “It's 1980s Los Angeles in this comedy series, and an unemployed actress keeps her dream alive by portraying a female wrestler.”

The ten-episode show has been written by Jenji Kohan, the trailblazing force behind the hit prison drama comedy show Orange Is The New Black.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you of its magnificence, GLOW will star Scott Pilgrim vs The World’s Knives Chau, aka Ellen Wong, as well as Community’s gold star geek, Alison Brie.

Ruth Wilder (Brie), will play the out-of-work, struggling actress, who joins a team of hopeful misfits who have joined the wrestling cohort in their one last change for stardom.

It’s time to get the crimping irons, glow sticks and boxing boots out (like we needed an excuse, anyways).

And with that in mind, clear your schedule for 23 June – GLOW’s coming for ya. 

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