Watch the first trailer for Netflix's GLOW (aka your next big streaming fix)

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Joe Ellison
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“We’re empowered, we’re the heroes”

Think of strong female pop culture icons from the eighties and you’d be forgiven for picturing heroines draped in shoulder pads and spandex. Which isn’t a million miles away from this potential small screen smash, to be fair (so long as you banish any thoughts of Flashdance and Dynasty).

Created by the trailblazing producers of the critically-acclaimed Orange is the New Black, GLOW is a comedy drama which intends to fling us fully into the world of female clotheslining in 1980s Los Angeles.

And, yes, it’s based on the real-life and short lived televised wrestling show of the same name: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

A movement composed mostly of jobbing actresses, stunt women and models keen to crack showbusiness, the fictionalised recount stars Community’s Alison Brie as a struggling actress aiming for one final shot at stardom, joining a ragtag bunch under the stewardship of a failed B-movie director.

Not that they know what they’re in for, mind you.

 As the misfits are comically introduced into ring etiquette, it’s not long before they learn that ‘breaking it’ might actually involve parts of the body as opposed to fame and fortune, while there’s plenty of comical camaraderie outside of the ring as well…

The script, promising more eyebrow raising than The Rock in his WWE days, is fairly R-rated and brimming full of crazy parties, wild excess and even finds time to make a mockery of Hollywood’s rampant sexism. The audition scene in particular looks a triumph.

Expect a glut of era-defining references: oversized mobile phones, mountains of cocaine, retro outfits, clunky Johnny 5-esque robot serving drugs (really) and a pumping eighties soundtrack.

We just have one warning for you all: don’t expect to ‘try this at home’.

Glow is due to land on Netflix this June