New app helps pregnant commuters find a seat

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Sarah Biddlecombe

Finding a seat on public transport is an issue most pregnant women struggle with, and Stylist readers are no exception.

So a new app that promises to help pregnant commuters find a place to sit couldn’t have launched at a better time.

Aptly named Babee On Board, the app allows a pregnant commuter to send an alert via Bluetooth that they are looking for a seat. Passengers who also have the app will then receive a notification about the alert, allowing them to give up their seat or encourage others to do so.

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Launched across the UK today, the app costs £3.99 to download and requires a working Bluetooth connection to alert fellow passengers.

Speaking to BBC News, Hew Leith, chief executive of 10X, who created the app, said he hoped it would help eradicate that all-too-familiar problem of people on public transport being unaware of those around them.

"We should be using our eyes [instead] but if you look around you, everyone whips out their phone as soon as they sit down,” he said.

"When we did user testing quite a few women said that early on in pregnancy, when they are not showing, is when they feel most ill and need a seat the most.

“But visibly you can't see the bump and you can't always see the badge because the trains get so busy."

You can download the app here.


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