Inside the bar where men aren't allowed to approach women

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A new bar in Australia is enforcing an unusual rule: men aren’t allowed to approach women.

The Maple Bar, which opened in Canberra last Saturday, enforces the rule as part of its entry policy, which also includes a formal dress code with men required to wear a shirt, trousers and jacket while women must wear an “elegant” dress.

“We have a set of house rules, and the one that people have found most interesting is that gentlemen don't approach ladies,” Mike Kadinski, the bar’s owner, told Daily Mail Australia.

“And the rule is, if a gentleman is lucky enough to be approached by a lady, he speaks to her as if he would speak to his mother,” he added.

Maple Bar isn’t the first to impose such a rule on its patrons, with Kadinski adding that the inspiration for his house rules came from a visit to Rockpool Bar & Grill in Sydney, where similar restrictions are in place.

The ruling has had mixed reactions online, with people taking to the comments section of a story about the bar on The Canberra Times to discuss their views.

“One rule for men and a different rule for women (who are allowed to approach men). Where do I constantly hear that that kind of thing is not acceptable? Seems a bit... unequal.. backwards.. discriminatory.. sexist.. perhaps?” one user wrote.

“A bar shouldn't need a separate designated area for people not to be jerks in. People should just not be jerks,” another wrote.

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