Emoticons for introverts; new series of illustrations helps shy and retiring types to communicate

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Emojis have become a universal language for many of us using our smartphones. From smiley faces, to blowing a kiss or just a quick thumbs up, we've got a plethora of tiny images at our fingertips to help express simple emotions. But what happens when you want to communicate something more complex?

Perhaps you're not in the mood to go out that night because you're feeling anxious, or maybe you're just exhausted from being around people all day and need some time to recharge your batteries. 

Whatever your reasons, there's a new series of icons that can help with that. 

Described as 'introjis', these images have been created by designer Rebecca Evie Lynch, and aim to help those who want to express their more complicated feelings via the medium of a simple illustration. 

Many of the designs communicate classic behaviours associated with introverts, such as wanting to have some alone time, a bit of space, or just recharge their batteries.

There are even illustrations to show when someone is feeling socially anxious and wants to decline a party invitation without being rude or doesn't want to be around too many people. 

Rebecca decided to draw the series of icons after her boyfriend of three years broke up with her. "citing the need for more time alone".

"I was surprised, as I've always considered myself an introvert, too, but I realized that my enthusiasm about being in a relationship sometimes overshadows my ability to read others' signals." 

"Introverts tend to find the company of others draining," she continues, "But communication isn't a one-way street. I want my system to be sympathetic to the other person in the equation."

There are also images that represent distress calls for people who might be depressed, although she does state that there is a clear difference between those who are suffering from depression and those who are introverts. 

Eventually she hopes to turn the series into a free app so people can represent more complex emotions when communicating with each other in the digital age. 

You can even suggest an introji over on the Facebook page

Take a look at some of the 'introjis' below

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