Dog owners have found a hilarious way to get around the subway ban

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Jasmine Andersson
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We may have the pleasure of journeying with our pets on the London underground, but our American cousins in New York are subject to different rules. 

Dogs are not allowed on the New York City subway unless they’re “enclosed in a container”. If passengers ever decide to flout this rule, they’re given a pretty hefty fine from the New York City Transit Authority.

So, in a bid to travel with their pooches in peace, New Yorkers have gotten pretty creative in interpreting the rules – and the results are simply hilarious. 

Check it out:

In a bid to avoid the fine, one traveller decided to carry their husky in a large tote, while another skipped the middle man and cut holes in an IKEA bag for their pooch’s legs.

It’s safe to say that the majority of these dogs aren’t the teeny Chihuahua sort that we watched Elle Woods tout about in her handbag in Legally Blonde. In fact, one man is so exhausted with lugging his pup around that he’s considering it a form of exercise.

As the rules don’t mention that these dogs don’t have to be carried in these containers, there’s a lot of four-legged creatures stood on the subway… just inside a bag.

In one woman’s case, she just gave up entirely and planted her dog in a mesh suitcase.

Citizens of New York, we applaud you and your furry friends for your valiant efforts.  

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