Newsreader has best response to being shamed for wearing the same top twice

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A newsreader who wore the same blouse live on air twice has been expertly trolling The Daily Mail, after the paper attempted to shame her for her “thrifty” fashion sense.

Lisa Wilkinson, who hosts Australia’s Today show, dared to wear the same floral blouse to work twice in the space of four whole months – and of course, this didn’t escape the notice of the Mail.

On Tuesday, the paper published an article titled, “That's thrifty! Today show's Lisa Wilkinson sports same floral blouse, just four months apart, while hosting breakfast program”.

Wilkinson hit back immediately on Twitter (below), taking to the social media site to share a screenshot of the article with the words, “I am sooo busted! Seems I've been seen hosting breakfast TV wearing same blouse with "strategic cutout above the bust" just 4 months apart!!!”

And the 57-year-old didn’t stop there, arriving to work the next day wearing the exact same outfit, which included the floral blouse paired with a white skirt.

“I did something incredibly brave today,” she wrote on The Huffington Post.

“From this day forward perhaps my greatest legacy to the annals of female news broadcasting history will likely be that I dared to wear the same outfit two days in a row on national TV,” she continued.

“That's right: same outfit, consecutive days. On national TV.”

Brilliantly, Wilkinson’s colleagues were also in on the joke, with all of them – including the male news readers – donning the same floral blouse to present the show.

“I stand with Lisa Wilkinson,” Today show host David Campbell wrote on Twitter, sharing an image of himself wearing the blouse at his desk (below).

Wilkinson responded by sharing an image of the pair of them in their matching blouses on her Instagram page, asking her followers, “ who wore it better?”

Of course, the team behind the Today show also refused to be silent, sharing an image of two newsreaders both wearing the blouse.

“Love a top you can get a few wears from!” they quipped on Instagram.

Blouse gate, as it has been called, was made even worse by the fact that Wilkinson’s co-host, Karl Stefanovic, wore the exact same suit live on air every day for a year – without anyone even noticing.

In her Huffington Post essay, Wilkinson was quick to point out the double standards that women face every day.

“You're thinking I should be up in arms. You're thinking I should be giving them what for, or as one person wrote on my Instagram ‘for being so bloody vacuous and irrelevant with the sort of meaningless tripe they serve up on a daily basis’,” she wrote.

“Well, I'm not. In fact, today I am thanking the Daily Mail. For proving once and for all what we know to be true.”

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