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Noughts and Crosses episode 3: will [spoiler] survive that hospital explosion?

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In the third installment of Noughts & Crosses, both personal and political conflicts come to an explosive climax, quite literally…

Warning: as you’ve no doubt guessed, this article contains spoilers for BBC One’s Noughts & Crosses. Read on at your own peril…

The episode begins at Mercy Point, where the cadets are being put through yet more gruelling training. It’s all too clear that Lekan (Jonathan Ayaji ) is trying to push Callum (Jack Rowan) to the point of quitting. 

Meanwhile, at college, Sephy (Masali Baduza) is continuing to challenge her society’s view of noughts. As much as I’m enjoying the awakening of #WokeSephy, it seems that her resistance to the status quo only goes so far. 

In fact, she even suggests to Callum that they could run away to Aprica to be together as “things won’t really change here”. 

Elsewhere, the nought population is preparing for the Midsummer festival. Dorn (Shaun Dingwall) is scornful, labelling it “appropriation for the purpose of diversion”. Unsurprisingly, Kamal (Patterson Joseph) isn’t a fan of the celebration either, instructing the LM leader to “make sure this ends in trouble”. 

He explains: “It’s in our mutual interests to work together, otherwise the sacrifices we’ve bothmade for our causes will be for nothing.” 

This made me curious about what the Home Secretary has sacrificed for his political career. It’s definitely had a negative impact on his relationship with his wife, but has it also ruined his relationship with his… son?

Noughts & Crosses

That’s right: this is the episode we finally get to hear from Yaro (Luke Bailey) himself and what he says is very interesting. 

As soon as we learned that Yaro uses the Hadley surname, I became suspicious of Kamal’s claim that the young man is just a “distant relative”. And their relationship is all but spelled out when Yaro approaches Meggie: she helped take care of him when he was young. His own mother has recently died having “never got over” Kamal’s treatment of her. So… yeah, Kamal is his dad. Called it last week, folks!

Anyway, back to the plot: Yaro tells Meggie he wants to see Kamal, but she tries to dissuade him and he walks away angrily. I have a feeling it won’t be the last we see of him…

That’s not the only drama Meggie encounters this week, of course. After waking up a hungover Jasmine (Bonnie Mbuli), Meggie urges Kamal to reach out to her friend. However, her actions backfire when Kamal tells his wife that he knows about her “indiscretions”. 

Hurt and embarrassed, Jasmine realises that Meggie is involved somehow and fires her. However, Mbuli does an excellent job of showing Jasmine’s inner conflict over this decision, crying alone as Meggie hastily packs up her belongings.

Noughts & Crosses

As Midsummer festivities get underway, the Mercy Point cadets are sent to keep an eye on the partying crowds. Before they leave, Lekan secretly changes the round in Callum’s rifle to a live one. At the festival, the nought cadets are attacked as traitors by their own people. Jude is among the baying mob, shouting in disgust at his brother. Lekan orders Callum to raise his weapon. 

Clearly conflicted, Callum points it at Jude (Josh Dylan) but Elaine (Jodie Tyack) – who saw Lekan tamper with the rifle – knocks it so that his shot hits the roof. Ashamed of his actions, Callum throws down his rifle and walks away from Mercy Point. 

He soon runs into Sephy and the two head back to his house. Callum updates her on his decision to leave Mercy Point and breaks down in tears. Sephy comforts him, which quickly turns to kissing. And then, erm, removing each other’s clothes. 

In bed afterwards, Callum questions what kind of person he is to point a gun at his brother. He also echoes Sephy’s earlier concern that things will never change for them, adding: “We’re just two people… but I want you, I really want you.” 

Before any decisions can be made, though, the pair are interrupted by Meggie, who tells Sephy that her mum has been rushed to hospital. Which, naturally, proves to be a total mood-killer. Sephy rushes to be with her family at her mother’s bedside, leaving Callum alone.

When Jude returns home, Callum tries to apologise but his brother is clearly distracted. After Jude finds Sephy’s wallet on their bedroom floor, Callum confesses to their relationship. Jude wants him to break things off, but the conversation takes a turn when Callum mentions that Sephy is at the hospital.

Why? Because Jude was just there, of course, clutching a plastic bag with a bomb inside it. 

The brothers rush to the hospital, arriving just before the bomb goes off. Amid the smoke and sirens, Callum staggers into the building to search for Sephy while Jude takes in the destruction he’s caused.

So, is Sephy OK?

The last time we saw her, she was in the hospital. Was she caught up in the blast? And has everyone in her family pulled through?

What will Jude do next?

Jude is desperate to prove himself to the LM, but he didn’t seem to understand the gravity of planting the bomb until it’s too late. What will happen to him now?

What’s next for the McGregor family?

Times are tough for the McGregors: not only have Ryan and Meggie lost their jobs, but now Callum has walked away from Mercy Point (aka the only wage coming into the household). 

With Jude now responsible for some serious criminal activity, Callum’s family are in a more desperate situation than ever. Will they be able to get past it?

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The next episode of Noughts and Crosses will air on Thursday 26 March at 9pm.

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