Your old Disney DVDs and videos could be worth a fortune

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Spent your earlier years watching the Disney classics of old? Well, there’s a chance you could be sitting on quite the money pot. 

Disney fans, if you’re anything like us, you’ll find the idea of parting with the beloved films of your childhood hard to bear.

Some of our earliest memories are of watching Belle from Beauty in the Beast waltz across the screen in her yellow gown, or marveling over The Lion King anthems. In fact, we’ve been humming them ever since.

But if you’re willing to sell off your old DVDs (or even those antique-status videos), you could bstand to make a lot of money.

It turns out there’s a serious market for Disney nostalgia on digital market places, with certain collections fetching over £182,000.

Both DVD and VHS videos could earn you a pretty penny, but so far, the most valuable seems to the Black Diamond VHS Collection.

This rare collection includes 18 animated features all released between 1988 to 1993 for VHS. These editions come in a clam shell case and display a logo in the shape of a black diamond that says “The Classics” on the spine.

The collection includes some of the most famous Disney classics created, including The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

Black Diamond Collection packages are currently being auctioned for up to £34,000 on Ebay, complete with original packaging. 

Over on Etsy, a set of 21 pre-owned vintage Disney VHS tapes (including one Black Diamond edition) is selling for an astounding £182,294.74.

And, while complete sets are more likely to snapped up by specialist collectors, even singular videos are worth hundreds of pounds. In fact, auction prices on Ebay range from around £200 to up to nearly £2,000: even more recent editions, such asthe Walt Disney Treasures DVD Collection are selling for over £400 on Ebay.

The Treasure Collection was first released in 2001 as a part of Walt Disney’s 100th birthday and was sold in limited qualities. Over the following years, there were nine more releases with each series containing two, three or four different sets of two-disc DVDs. Even just one Treasure DVD could sell for over £60.

If you didn’t think to keep your favourite films in pristine packaging because you were, y’know, busy watching them, don’t despair: you could still cash in enough to take yourself out for a nice lunch, or get that jumpsuit you’ve been eyeing up in Topshop.

All in all, it’s definitely worth taking a trip into the attic for, don’t you?

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