Old Street station has had a Black Mirror makeover – and it’s freaking people out

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Sonya Barber
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As if commuting after the holidays wasn’t bad enough…

It’s the first week back at work, which means that we’re broke. As such, staying in is the new going out, and we’ve been spending the majority of our nights binge-watching Black Mirror.

However, everyone travelling through Old Street Station in London this week was left feeling incredibly unsettled when they discovered that Charlie Brooker’s dystopian nightmare had seeped into their daily commute.

Check it out:

That’s right: Netflix have taken over the whole station and given it a creepy Black Mirror makeover to celebrate the release of the fourth season of the hit show, which was released on 29 December.

They’ve hijacked every single poster in the station and the shops in the underground arcade, plastering dystopian slogans everywhere designed to make people wonder if they were storylines from the show or real life. 

The messages say dark things like: “Tech start-ups turning dead loved-ones into chatbots”, “Brain implants let parents monitor teens”, “Hackers blackmail victims using their internet history” and “Toy companies using dolls to eavesdrop on children.”

Outside the ticket barriers, commuters were confronted with the slogan “The worst is yet to come” and handed paranoia-inducing webcam covers asking: “Are you being watched?”

Passengers took to social media to express their discomfort:

And also to applaud Netflix for pulling off such an impressive ad campaign:

It was obviously having the desired effect as #oldstreet was trending on Twitter and people were going straight home to watch it.

Ross Bailey, the Founder & CEO of Appear Here who curate the selection of brands in Old Street station said: “We didn’t want to fill Old Street station with your average station retail and this activation embodies just that. 

“Old Street is filled with forward-thinkers and early-adopters, which makes it the ideal place for brands to test out more daring ideas.”

A spokesman for Transport for London said: “Advertising like this generates vital income that is invested in modernising the transport network for all of our customers.”

So it’s a win-win situation, apart from leaving everyone feeling a tad weirded out. Oh, and the fact that it has left people complaining about spoilers.


Images: Appear Here