Outlander season five episode 6 recap.

Outlander season 5, episode 6 recap: what we learn about Jocasta’s devastating history

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In the sixth episode of Outlander season five, Jocasta prepares to marry a man she doesn’t love, and a heartbreaking flashback helps to explain why. 

Now, more than ever, I’m so thankful that Outlander is here for a bit of escapism. Getting lost in the world of Jamie and Claire’s time-travelling drama is the perfect way to switch off for an hour. So, without further ado, let’s recap Better To Marry Than Burn

The sixth episode focuses on the wedding between Jocasta and Duncan Innes at River Run. It also sees Claire and Jamie get themselves into a sticky spot while trying to hunt down Stephen. And it turns out that Roger, quite unbelievably, is a useful person to have around when a swarm of locusts come to town. 

Jocasta reveals her heart-breaking reasons for rejecting Murtagh

Yay, we’re taken back to Scotland in a flashback scene! Boo, it’s not exactly a happy return. 

We see Jocasta with her husband and youngest daughter, fleeing the Highlands after the Jacobites have been defeated at the Battle Of Culloden. They have a run-in with a couple of English soldiers, which ends with Jocasta’s daughter, Morna, being killed. We also learn that her other two daughters later die. 

 It’s Jocasta’s clan motto, “luceo non uro” (which means “I shine not burn”), that keeps her going in America after such devastation. 

So, it’s understandable why Jocasta is a bit “protective” of her feelings in the present time. 

When Murtagh sneaks into her room to ask her to wait for him (sob) instead of marrying the boring dude, Jocasta explains that she’d rather be bored than heartbroken again. She says Murtagh’s bad ass Regulator activities will only end with him being killed. 

Look, I’ve really been rooting for her to get with Murtagh. And yes, he is the man she really loves. But I have to admit that she makes a fair point: I knew Murtagh was trouble when he walked in.

Jamie and Claire have a terrible plan to find Stephen Bonnet 

During the wedding celebrations, Claire bumps into an old acquaintance, Wylie – and it turns out that he knows Stephen. Therefore, Claire tries to take advantage of the fact that lecherous Wylie has many “affections” for her. 

Claire and Jamie confront Wylie in the stables.
Outlander: Claire is constantly having to defend herself against sexual assault.

“Miss Fraser, Claire, you madden me” he exclaims, before Claire rightfully shoves him into a pile of horse dung. Jamie then comes out of nowhere at just the right time and holds a knife to Wylie’s throat. Later, Jamie realises he actually needs to apologise to Wylie in order to get to Bonnet. In fact, he even bets both Claire’s wedding rings in a high stakes card game with him. She is furious. But this of course leads to an old-school Outlander sex scene (Claire slaps Jamie, angry insults are shouted at each other, bagpipes play in the background etc.).

Oh, and Jamie wins the game. So he is one step closer to confronting Stephen.

Roger makes himself useful for a change

A swarm of locusts is on its way to cause some serious damage to Fraser Lodge’s crops. But luckily, Roger steps up to sort things out for the first time ever. At first, no one believes he can help (even Fergus looks embarrassed by him at this point). But he comes up with the ingenious idea of smoking out the locusts. He looks more than proud with himself when the local folks start calling him Captain Mackenzie again. Will this be enough to prove his worth to Jamie? Probably not, but good on him for trying. 

Hot Scots: the episode’s most heart-racing moments

  • When Claire calls out a group of uppity women who don’t believe a woman has rights over her own pregnancy. You tell ‘em, Claire!
  • OK, I’ll bite – the sex scene in the stables is what we’ve all been waiting for. 

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