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P-Valley: everything you need to know about this empowering new drama set in a strip club

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An entertaining and vivid new drama about life in a strip club puts the women on stage in the spotlight. 

With an all-female directing team and centring the Black female experience, new drama P-Valley is a TV show that shines a light on the labour done by the women that work in strip clubs. Here’s everything we know about it. 

Brandee Evans as Mercedes in P-Valley
Brandee Evans as Mercedes in P-Valley

What’s P-Valley about?

The Pynk, a strip club in the Mississippi Delta is the setting for this atmospheric new drama centred on the nuanced and  fully realised lives of the women working there. There’s acrobatic headline dancer Mercedes (Brandee Evans), who brings in the biggest tips; Autumn (Elarica Johnson, who appeared in EastEnders), a new dancer who talks herself into a job; and Miss Mississippi (Shannon Thornton) a mother who’s in an abusive relationship. Watching over the club is Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan) who is queer, non-binary and uses she/her pronouns. And the name of the drama? It’s short for Pussy Valley, which is the name of the play by Katori Hall (who also created this drama), that the show is based on.

Elarica Johnson as Autumn Night in P-Valley

What have people said about P-Valley?

The show has had high praise before its debut with Hollywood Reporter saying: “P-Valley is the kind of series so variously accomplished you don’t know what to praise first.”  The New York Times has said: “Sex may sell this Starz strip-club drama, but at heart it’s a potent, lyrical story about hard work.” And The Guardian has said the “strip club drama is one of the year’s best new shows.”

Nicco Annan as Uncle Clifford in P-Valley

Is there a trailer for P-Valley?

There sure is, and you can watch it here…

How can I watch P-Valley?

The show is on Sunday 12 July on Starzplay which is available on Amazon Prime Video. 

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