It's official: Paddington Bear is getting his own TV show

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And we can’t wait. 

Good news: Paddington Bear is returning to our lives in 2020, and we’re welcoming him and all the wholesome joy he brings with open arms. 

The marmalade-loving bundle of joy will be tumbling onto our TV screens next year with the release of a CGI-animated series for Nickelodeon. Each episode will see a younger Paddington writing to his Aunt Lucy from Windsor Gardens to tell her what he’s learnt about life from the day’s adventures. How utterly lovely does that sound? 

Paddington 2 (2017)

Ben Whishaw will return to voice the nation’s favourite bear, and the series will be produced by David Heyman – the man behind the first two films and the entire Harry Potter series. Speaking after the announcement, Heyman said he was ‘thrilled’ to have Whishaw back on board, and describes making the series about the ‘life-enhancing bear’ a ‘joy’. The joy is all ours, David. 

Ben Whishaw as Paddington with Hugh Grant as the dastardly Phoenix Buchanan in Paddington 2

Okay, so the series may be aimed at a younger audience than even the films, specified as ‘pre-school age’. But there’s still no shame in us tuning it. Right?

Created by the late-author Michael Bond, the fictional fluff-ball is pretty unique in the way his fan base truly spans generations. The bear was first introduced in the 1950s with the publication of Bond’s first book A Bear Called Paddington, which was then followed by more than 20 other stories featuring the accident-prone Peruvian’s adventures. 

Over the years there have been television specials, plays, statues and films in homage to the little bear, who has become something of a national treasure. Our Grandparents read stories of his mishap-ridden escapades to our parents, our parents read them to us, we watched the films and now our children will watch the TV series. He has the kind of universal appeal most influencers would die for. 

Paddington with his creator, the late author Michael Bond

So why are we all so obsessed with a fictional talking bear? Here is a round-up of all the times a children’s character warmed our cold, cold hearts with his words of wisdom. 

‘A wise bear always keeps a marmalade sandwich in his hat in case of emergency.’ 

Translation: Always bring snacks. Everything is better with snacks.

‘It’s nice having a bear about the house.’ 

Translation: Make space in your life for unlikely friendships. You never know what joy they might bring.

‘Everyone is different, and that means anyone can fit in.’

Translation: You do you boo.

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‘I’ll never be like other people, but that’s alright, because I’m a bear.’ 

Translation: Don’t waste time comparing yourself to others. There’s only one you.

‘Things are always happening to me. I’m that sort of bear.’ 

Translation: In life, accidents happen. Accept this and concentrate on learning from your mistakes.

‘I think I may paint a family portrait now. That is, if I have enough paint left for all the smiles.’

This doesn’t even need a translation, it’s just the cutest thing that has even been written in the history of literature. 

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