Panda triplets open their eyes for the first time

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It's official: there's nothing in this world cuter than a panda cub. No, not even these sweet little bears with their mother, this dog named Jimmy Choo, or even this silly cat who thinks he's a model.

Luckily for us, there's been some recent panda news that our zoo correspondent* has informed us of: the world's first surviving panda triplets, born in China, have just opened their eyes.

This a particularly significant event as the trio are the first set of panda triplets in the world to have survived infancy together - which is one of the reasons why they are being monitored so closely.

The cubs, one girl and two boys, were born in July around 50 days ago at the Guangzhou’s Chimelong Safari Park, and opened their eyes yesterday. Normally, it's expected that panda cubs will open their eyes after 45 days, so this development proves that the black and white fluff balls are on the right track.

They are the fourth set of panda triplets known to have been born in the last four decades. In 1967, when the first set of triplets were born, none survived and in 1999 and 2003, only one survived from each birth.

Their mother, called Ju Xiao, gave birth to the cute trio this past July after four hours of labour.

Currently, the threesome haven't been named but the zoo, who has already received over 600,000 suggestions, is set to announce that news in October.

*not a real job

Watch the panda triplets open their eyes in the video below

(Images: Rex Features)


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