This free 'wellbeing playground' says it will revitalise Londoners in 30 minutes

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Need a break from the city grind? Well, apparently just 30 minutes at this outdoor urban spa is enough to make you feel like you’ve just come back from holiday.

It seems we’re more conscious of our wellbeing than ever. From meditation to practising Tai Chi, we’re continuously presented with ways to be mindful.

But as you may have noticed, many of these suggestions require space, time and a bit of peace and quiet. So what do you do if the stress of the city becomes too much, and you need a little time out - but there’s no yoga studios to be seen?

Well, this September, Eccleston Yards hopes to be a helping hand to any Londoners in need of a little down time. The Belgravia-based hub of independent retailers and co-working spaces, has teamed up with multi-sensory visionaries Bompas & Parr, to host an urban spa called Paradise Now. 

Described as a ‘mindfulness playground’, the pop-up will take over the space from the 7 to the 15 of September and provide taster experiences of all the latest wellness trends. 

Nodding to our love of millennial pink, the structure will be mostly rose-hued, but organisers say this design decision isn’t based purely on looks. According to their experts, the shade ‘Baker Miller pink’ is scientifically proven to relax and reduce anxiety, and helps to negate the stress of the urban jungle. 

The installation will invite guests to bask in a perpetual sunset on vitamin-infused dunes and relax and rehydrate under colourful mist falls. There’ll also be an open-air bar, where seven water collection columns filled with specially selected geological stone layers will transform London rainwater into nutrient-rich libations, inspired by some of the world’s rarest natural water springs.

After entering through a canopy of jungle foliage (they say research shows that appreciating natural beauty boosts wellbeing, increases generosity and enhances life satisfaction), you’re free to browse and get involved with the installations at your leisure. 

From a large-scale infrared light installation shaped like the sun, radiating light therapy to boost endorphins, surrounded by screens steaming beautiful sunsets from stunning locations across the world. To a monumental pink waterfall, enriched with natural, energising minerals and extracts of raspberry leaf, aloe vera, chamomile and citrus. There’s certainly a lot to see. 

There will also be a timetable of various workshops including meditation classes with Re:Mind and Q&A’s from some of London’s top trainers, but details of these haven’t been confirmed yet. 

The urban spa is open from 11am to 8pm everyday, making it the perfect place to unwind after a long day in the office. See more information here

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