There's a new actor joining Wonder Woman 1984 and we're so excited

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Hannah-Rose Yee
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They join Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and Kristen Wiig in the much-anticipated sequel.

Patty Jenkins, the director of Wonder Woman and its sequel Wonder Woman 1984, really knows how to whip up excitement to fever pitch levels around her films.

When she first revealed the news that Steve Trevor, Diana’s pilot boyfriend was going to miraculously return from the dead to star in Wonder Woman 1984 we were overjoyed. Chris Pine – the best of all the Hollywood Chrises by a mile, country, city or otherwise – would be taking his rightful place as a modern day Jesus, resurrecting his character from the beyond and returning to his rightful place, a few steps behind Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince. 

Good. Great! We set an iCal reminder for Wonder Woman 1984’s 2019 release date in our diaries.

Then, Jenkins announced that our favourite comedienne Kristin Wiig would star in the sequel, and teased an image of the actress in full ‘80s get up, from feathered blonde hair to kitten heel pumps and Flashdance-esque sweater.

Today, Jenkins Tweeted her latest cast announcement. Pedro Pascal, the rapscallion Prince Oberon from season four of Game of Thrones has suited up for Wonder Woman 1984. 

The director revealed almost nothing about Pascal’s character, but if the costume and hair and makeup can be believed, the American-Spanish actor is almost definitely playing some kind of oil-slick, sleazy ‘80s businessman.

In a pinstripe suit and Ron Burgundy-inspired sandy hair, Pascal does what Pascal does best and glowers at the camera. (“Can’t… Stop… Watching,” Jenkins Tweeted, of working with the 43-year-old.)

Comic book fans believe that Pascal is playing Maxwell Lord, one of the many villains in DC’s extended Wonder Woman universe. The Hollywood Reporter calls him a “paranoid megalomaniac who tried to take over the world to ‘save’ it from superheroes,” with Wonder Woman squaring off against him in battle. 

Wiig is also playing a Wonder Woman villain called Cheetah (alias: Barbara Minerva), a supernatural foe with cheetah-inspired abilities who is one of Diana’s longstanding and dastardly nemeses. 

The chance to see Pine, our Game of Thrones favourite Pascal and Wiig tackle an over-the-top comic book villain role is too much to pass up. You’ll find us over here, eagerly awaiting November 1, 2019, the date Wonder Woman 1984 hits cinemas next year. 

Image: Warner Bros