Australian politician expertly shuts down manterrupter

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We all know that if we had a penny for every single time we’d been interrupted by a man, we’d be swimming in fortunes so plentiful they’d make the Nile look like a paddling pool.

That’s why when Australian Labor Senator Penny Wong was interrupted in parliament by a male opposition politician, she decided it was time to fight back.

Wong, who is known to be frequently interrupted by Liberal Democrat politician Senator MacDonald during lengthy hearings, found her right to the floor being challenged yet again by the notorious manterrupter.

It was then she decided to get vocal and take the opportunity to show MacDonald that the floor was rightfully hers. 

“Thank you Mr President,” replied Wong when she was granted the right to speak.

“The Senator Macdonald really does have an unhealthy obsession with me,” said Wong.

“But I digress.”

Wong, who is regarded as one of the 25 most influential lesbians in Australia, was then heckled yet again by the Senator, who decided to remark “don’t flatter yourself”.

“You’re not my type either mate, don’t worry about it,” she shot back. Boom.

Feminists of Twitter broke out in support of Senator Wong’s shut down.

Wong, who is famed for her salty comebacks, has previously remarked on the Senate’s problem with men interrupting women.

After a study revealed that women in parliament are more likely to be interrupted by male politicians in Australia, Wong listed MacDonald as one of the politicians most likely to interrupt a female senator in parliament.

“This study will come as no surprise to anyone who has witnessed the atrocious behaviour of Coalition senators like Ian Macdonald and Barry O’Sullivan in their abuse and hectoring of witnesses such as Gillian Triggs,” Wong told BuzzFeed News.

“It’s another argument for why the Liberals need to do more to get more women into parliament—just 26 percent of government senators are women, compared to 57 percent on the Labor side.”

Major kudos to Senator Wong for sending a much-needed message to the global cotillion of manterrupters.

Images: Buzzfeed News Australia


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