People are brilliantly summing up 2017 in just 4 words on Twitter

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Susan Devaney
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The past year has been one to remember, but to many, perhaps only for surpassing 2016 in its ability to muster a depressing news story at the drop of a hat. However, people – especially those on social media – tend to have a knack for seeing the funny side. 

From Donald J Trump being elected the 45th President of the USA to Brexit, 2017 has been a pretty bleak year for many.

However, the world is trying to see the funny side in the form of four-word summaries on Twitter.

Over the weekend, the account @PowerpuffTag asked its Twitter followers to sum up what the past year had meant to them using the hashtag #2017In4words – and people got fully on board.

“Surprisingly we still alive,” one user wrote.

“Less money, more problems,” another posted.

While others opted for “I need a drink” and “year of the clown”.

One Twitter user shared fond memories of Barack Obama.

Some have simply asked: “What the hell happened?” in varying ways.

Other social media users made reference to the multiple high-profile men who’ve  been accused of sexual harassment: from “men behaving really badly” to “men proved they’re trash”. 

However, there were some social media users preferring to look on the bright side, focusing on events such as the swell of public support following horrific terrorist attacks.

And people are also claiming it’s been the year for women fighting back, with the international women’s marches protesting against Trump and sexual harassment.

With just over a month left to go, here’s hoping 2018 brings better things.

Images: Rex Features / Twitter