Why people are sharing their love for the NHS today

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Instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day the usual way, people have taken to Twitter to share their love for the NHS.

As of late, news reports about the NHS have focused more on a lack of funds, staff shortage and the possibility of its privatisation, rather than the good work it carries out each and every day.

Which is why instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day the usual way (think buying roses and delivering cards), people are sharing their love for the publicly funded national healthcare service under the hashtag #NHSLove on Twitter.

From the personal to the truly touching, here are some of the best tweets of today that will make you truly appreciate such a great service that’s free for all. 

“Both my daughters would have died during childbirth, and possibly me as well hence why I love the #NHS. I have also worked for it for over 25 years and see daily the work it does,” wrote on user. 

“My daughter was born on Friday into the hands of the doctors and midwives at Whittington Hospital #NHS. We were never asked about our ability to pay, our care was provided irrespective of class, race or #immigration status,” another user posted. 

“One of my daughter’s challenges is hypotonia (low muscle tone). The amazing NHS has provided physiotherapy for four years. Lola is now five and her legs now have normal muscle tone - remarkable. Thank you,” another user posted. 

“LoveYourNHS recently removed skin cancer from my arm and saved my life 2+ yrs ago after a nasty kidney infection #SaveOurNHS #NHSLove #ToriesOut #ILoveMyNHS. I loath the #Tories for destroying it by #underfunding,” another user posted. 

“A valentine for Sunderland Royal - Thank you for the exemplary care you have provided over the years for my loved ones and me. I’m astounded by the service, care and compassion; a more pleasant experience than in my native USA. Love you! #LoveYourNHS #NHSLove,” another user posted. 

Go on, share some love for the NHS this Valentine’s Day.

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