This new invention promises to make your period eco-friendly

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Moya Lothian-McLean
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Love your mooncup? Then try this.      

Period innovation hasn’t ever been top of the agenda. Since women first began stuffing rags in their undergarments, the policy has always been to just suck (or soak) it up and not talk about it. Only in the last few years have we even begun to regard periods as anything other than a source of implicit shame, rather than a perfectly natural occurrence. And the new dialogue surrounding menstruation management is throwing light on previously overlooked aspects of periods. Like the fact one in 10 women between 14 and 21 in the UK are unable to afford sanitary products at some point in their lives. Or that tampons, pads and panty liners generate around 200,000 tonnes of plastic waste a year, which often ends up in seas and rivers. 

Mooncups have already made waves as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional sanitary hygiene goods. But for those who just can’t quite bear to let go of their trusty Tampax, a new invention could help seriously cut down on menstrual waste. 

Organic tampon company DAME, (aka duo Celia Pool and Alec Mills), have revealed their latest product and it’s a game changer. 

Simply called the ‘D’ (no snickering at the back), it’s a sleek capsule-shaped reusable tampon applicator in a striking shade of green. And every woman that uses it will be stopping around 12,000 pieces of single-use plastic waste from making their way to the ocean.

Accompanied by the tagline “Bleed red, think green,” the D aims to cut down on excessive menstrual waste whilst also tackling the stigma of the monthly bleed. With a 2016 Mintel survey finding 60% of women preferred to use tampons with applicators, the D could be poised to offer a serious alternative for many across the country who currently aren’t able to access eco-friendly sanitary products that suit them. Made from medical grade mediprene, the little green pill also contains anitmicrobal technology that will – in theory at least – prevent it from becoming a unhygienic mess.

“For too long, women have been sold on the promise of discretion: that their periods are something to hide and that they’re dirty,” said DAME co-founder Alec Mills in a statement. “Not only does this profoundly affect the way women and girls view their bodies, it’s led to little meaningful innovation in the tampon industry over the years. We’re trying to change this by offering women their preferred period product, without the environmental impact.”

The D has already made a sizeable impact, too – in only two days the product has racked up over £11,000 of its £20,000 Kickstarter goal. As of the moment, the D is only available to buy by making a pledge on the site for a minimum of £16. Which, taking all things into consideration, is a bargain. Here’s to a happier bleed.

Images: DAME