Photographer brilliantly reveals the lies people tell on Instagram

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What you see on Instagram often isn’t real; we know this. Even Alexa Chung has openly confessed that her Insta feed is full of creative crops.

Now one Thai photographer has set about revealing exactly how people distort images to make their lives looks more amazing.

Titled #slowlife, the clever photography series by Chompoo Baritone, who is based in Bangkok, shows a typically impressive Instagram posts at odds with their surrounding reality.

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The amusing compositions show people enjoying a moment with friends, on holiday or making a meal, along with the closely cropped, heavily filtered segment they’d be most likely to share on social media.

Baritone’s hashtags serve to illustrate her point even further.

Taking aim at the current #fit trend where people post images of impressive yoga positions and snapshots of their exercise-mad lifestyles, one of Baritone's photographs shows a girl being assisted by a friend during her headstand.

Of course, that's the part which gets cropped.

Another satires the food porn craze with remnants of packet-meals and bowls of noodles scattered around a healthy dish.

#slowlife #slowfood #healthyfood #foodie #lifestyle #realfood

Celebrities are perhaps guiltier than most of creative cropping. Earlier this year Alexa Chung opened up about how her life is nothing like it seems on Instagram.

“No one is as happy as they seem on Instagram,” she says, in an interview with the Telegraph's Stella magazine.

“Even friends of mine. I’ll say, 'Wow, that looked amazing!' and they’ll be like, 'Nah, it wasn’t.’ I tell them, 'You need to stop putting that stuff up because it looks perfect.’”

“But then Instagram would be awful if it was reality, wouldn’t it? 'Here are my spaghetti hoops and me crying over EastEnders.'”


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