Pink pens powerful letter to SeaWorld over killer whale captivity

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Pink has made a scathing statement to SeaWorld’s CEO, explaining the damaging message the marine park sends to children. 

If there was anyone we could pick to have in our corner, Pink would be pretty much first on our list. The outspoken singer has long been an icon for all those that feel out of place, producing anthems like Raise Your Glass (for all the “underdogs”), and being a vocal supporter of women’s rights.

But this time, it’s the mammals of SeaWorld that are receiving the singer’s support after she submitted an emotive statement to the brand’s CEO explaining exactly why she won’t be visiting the marine parks anytime soon and why the reason links so closely to her experiences as a mother. 

Pink has opened up previously about how she plans on raising her two children, Willow and Jameson, painting the picture of an open-minded, inclusive and utterly feminist parenting style. Not only has she called her home “label-less” referring to gender neutrality, but she used her VMA speech to empower her seven-year-old daughter to love herself just as she is. 

And now, the singer has elaborated further on the solid life lessons she plans on passing to her brood, including to never “bully” or “exploit someone just because they look different from us” - something that Pink says SeaWorld is guilty of doing. 

According to a report from Rolling Stone, Pink emailed CEO John Reilly to ask “when will SeaWorld transfer its orcas and other marine mammals to seaside sanctuaries to save them – and itself?”

Pink and her daughter Willow

She continued to relate the company’s treatment of sea mammals to teaching her children never to discriminate, writing: “The last thing I would want to teach my kids is that ‘might makes right’ or that it’s OK to bully and exploit someone just because they look different from us.”

She continued, “But that’s exactly what SeaWorld does by locking up animals, who, in their ocean homes, would swim [dozens of] miles a day, dive to great depths, cooperate with their pods to find food, communicate in their own dialects and transmit their own culture from generation to generation. 

“At SeaWorld, all these animals are able to do is swim in endless circles. Some are so frustrated that they break their teeth by gnawing on the concrete corners and metal bars of their tiny tanks.”

John Reilly, Interim CEO of SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment issued an official response which reads: We care deeply about our whales, and every animal we’re responsible for, and our priority is their wellbeing. The best place for them is to be with our dedicated and world-renowned animal care specialists who have and will continue to provide each of them with the world’ best possible care. We welcome people to come to our parks, meet our team and be inspired by what they do every day.”

Pink’s pleas have been echoed in the past by celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, who also disagrees with SeaWorld’s confinement of sea life, but we particularly love how Pink used this opportunity to champion diversity and the importance of teaching future generations never to discriminate.

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