Up, up and away: beautiful sky-high photos taken from aeroplane windows

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Inspired by this incredible photo of a plane passing over rays of colour today, we got to thinking about the mile high club. No, not THAT mile high club - the one where people snap beautiful mid-flight images of clouds, sunsets and more and upload them onto t'internet (naturally). 

Because there's nothing that testifies to wonder of air travel more acutely than a whimsical picture of a fiery sunset or the sparkling lights of a city by night, thousands of feet up.

You know that moment on a flight; just when you're bemoaning your stale coffee or garrulous neighbour, you happen to glance left out of a window and are captivated by a magical sky-high view that reminds you that flying really is an incredible, enchanting thing.

We've scoured the inspiration behemoth that is Pinterest for the very best plane window photos around. Come reminisce on the beauty of flying, and travelling in general, with these gorgeous, wanderlust images of life above the clouds. 

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