This amazing video, all about cats and vaginas, definitely deserves your attention

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Could there be a more perfect sponsored_longform than vaginas and cats?

It may take a moment for the penny to drop, but it appears that they both share a name which makes them inseparable in common lexis. And that’s why the folks at Planned Parenthood have launched a sex ed video series entitled How To Take Care Of Your Pussy, which offers an immensely watchable string of shorts on our vaginal health.

Even for those who feel like they are nothing short of an expert on their vagina and how it needs to be taken care of, the lure of the cutest felines in town makes these videos irresistibly watchable. 


The three-part series begins with Meet Your Vagina and Vulva, an episode dedicated to exploring the difference between the vagina, which is the hole-only zone, and the vulva, which encompasses the entire genitalia.

As the video details the location of the clitoris, urethra, and vagina, it might be worth showing to the males you know, considering that half of them cannot correctly identify a vagina on a diagram

The second episode, simply titled Sex and Masturbation, discusses the powerful role of pussy play in our lives, which will be especially helpful for those who received a dire secondary school sex education experience that casually omitted the importance of personal pleasure in our adult lives. 

How To Keep Your Vagina Clean, the third in the trilogy, reminds us that, just like cats, vaginas are self-cleaning with no interference from outside cleaning products of any kind. 

“We hope people have as much fun watching these new videos as we had making them,” Raegan McDonald-Mosley, MD, chief medical officer at Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

“And we hope these videos help people understand how to care for their vagina and vulva. We’re here to provide honest, accurate information about bodies, sex, and sexuality without shame, stigma, or judgment — no matter what.”

With girls as young as nine requesting surgery to change their vaginas, it’s clear that we need this video series now, more than ever. 

Image: Planned Parenthood


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