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An ingenious new speed-dating night sees single Londoners share their personal playlists…

Of all topics likely to spark fiery division in a relationship, music taste is right up there at the top.

It’s possible that a cheese-pop aficionado with a penchant for musicals could fall for a die-hard 90s grunge kid.

It’s certainly possible.

But you’d have to impose a lifelong ban on drive-time tunes and drunken DJ is a game that just couldn’t be played without serious consequences.

So when a London bar decided to make music the reigning theme of its new speed dating night, it had passion - good and bad - firmly in its crosshairs.

Speed-date and bond (or not) over your taste in music

“The Music Sounds Better With You” night at The Hoxton Square Bar in East London will see London singletons unite over their custom-made playlists.

Part of the bar’s “Last Night a Speed Date Changed My Life” series (see what they did there?), the event will draw together would-be couples to see if sparks fly over a shared love of music.

Dates will have four minutes to share their “desert island playlists” with one another, before moving onto the next could-be music match.

If someone catches your eye - or you hit it off over a shared love of old-school Lionel Richie - then you mark them down on confidential matching sheet.

Could you fall for someone based on the tunes they love?

“Music fans, join us for a night of tunes, drinks and chat as you bond over what really matters. No small talk allowed,” reads a brief on the bar’s events page.

“Simply bring your headphones and come prepared with your desert island playlist to share with other singles.”

Well, it was Shakespeare who wrote, “If music be the food of love, play on” - many moons ago.

And it turns out, he may well be onto something…

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