Your old Polly Pockets could now be worth a fortune

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Sonya Barber
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If you’ve chucked away all your old toys, look away now.

Hands up if you’ve stashed away all your childhood toys because you couldn’t bear to part with them? Yeah, us too. 

And now you could be rewarded for your nostalgic hoarding habits as some of them could be worth a pretty penny. 

If you owned Polly Pockets like so many kids in the Eighties and Nineties, you need to dig them out right now and get them onto eBay – as they could potentially fund your holidays in 2018 and more.

The idea for Polly Pockets came about in 1983, when a father named Chris Wiggs used a powder compact to fashion a small house for a tiny doll. The clever concept was then bought and developed by Bluebird Toys, and the first Polly Pocket toys appeared in stores in 1989. 

Although their popularity waned after the Nineties, they were still produced until 2015 (although the later incarnations don’t resemble the original at all. Sob).

But now it turns out that the pocket-sized dolls and their cute teeny houses are being sold on eBay for big bucks, with some bidders willing to pay up to $100,000 (that’s around £73,830) for the rarer versions of Polly and pals.

You can see how much your vintage Polly Pockets are worth with eBay’s guide to how to value them. It was probably time to get rid of them anyway…

Image: Mattel