Massages, smoothies and trash TV: this ‘hangover bar’ is what mornings after were made for

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Moya Crockett
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Ugh, it’s morning – or maybe sometime in the afternoon. You’re not quite sure, because your eyes seem to be glued together. Your entire skull feels like it’s nursing a throbbing bruise, and the taste of your own dry mouth, when you notice it, is enough to make you want to vomit. Wait – did you vomit last night?

Everyone occasionally gets struck down by a raging hangover, and everyone deals with it in their own special way. Maybe you’re the kind of person who has to get out of the house to clear their head, or perhaps you prefer to wallow under a duvet watching Don’t Tell the Bride for a solid 12 hours.

But if you were in Amsterdam last month, you might have tried out a novel way of handling your headache: a trip to the Hangover Bar.

A one-weekend-only pop-up, the Hangover Bar was lined with comfy double beds, plenty of green plants and an oxygen bar (fresh air, of course, being a famously good hangover cure).

Sore-headed guests were breathalysed on their way into the bar by ‘hangover inspectors’ to make sure that every visitor was genuinely hungover. Once inside, they could treat themselves to a soothing massage – or simply snuggle down under duvets to recuperate, with the help of classic TV shows, chilled smoothies and a special anti-hangover menu.

The bar was the brainchild of Dutch start-up Matt Sleeps, a mattress company with a seriously clever eye for marketing. Amsterdam is no stranger to raucous nights and fragile mornings, so it makes sense that the Netherlands capital was the first place to host a hangover bar.

But Joep Verbunt, the company’s founder, says that more are on the way. Hallelujah

Sunday chillings ? mega trots op ?? #matthangoverbar #sexandthecity #foodora

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“We don’t believe in boring showrooms,” he tells Elle Décor. “That’s why we create unique experiences where people can test our mattresses.”

We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for a hangover bar on British shores. It’s what our heads deserve. 

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