Pregnant meteorologist speaks out after being body-shamed on Facebook

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Helen Booth
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Mary Ours responded to trolls in an attempt to bring an end to the body-shaming and “bullying” of women.

Thanks to social media, stories of public body-shaming have become increasingly and unfortunately common – especially when directed at those in the public eye.

For Mary Ours, a TV meteorologist who presents the weather report on American news channel WJAC-TV, an experience of size-shaming came just five days after she had announced she was 13 weeks pregnant – with a Facebook user commenting that she could “use some fashion consulting, please”.

When Ours responded that the dress in question was “perfectly fine”, and challenged the user to find one that suited her better, the commenter responded: “I would need to know what size it was, and then I’d send one a size bigger.”

The mean-spirited exchange, which was later deleted by the original poster, ended with Ours telling the unnamed Facebook commenter, “You’re body-shaming a pregnant woman when we should be lifting each other up.”

Ours later posted a screenshot of the exchange on her public Facebook page (above), adding that the experience of being body-shamed was all too common – and a problem that “needs to be addressed.”

She continued: “If you don’t know from my million announcements on social media, I’m pregnant and I’m so excited! Yes, my body is going to be changing drastically and I will be growing so the negative comments about how I dress and look are unnecessary and will not be tolerated – it’s bullying!

“We as women should be supporting each other not putting each other down… As I become a mother soon, I feel I owe it to myself to try and make a difference and put a stop to the online bullying and body-shaming. I am growing a human, and I am doing my best.”

While it is unclear if the Facebook user who posted the offensive comments was initially aware that Ours was pregnant, it’s not the first time that a pregnant TV presenter has faced negative comments on how they choose to dress.

Just this week, Gabrielle Union spoke out in support of news anchor Laura Warren of WRDW in Georgia, who was body-shamed at 20 weeks pregnant by a viewer who had suggested that she “buy some decent maternity clothes so you don’t walk around looking like you got a watermelon strapped under your too-tight outfits.”

Union shared Warren’s story on her social channels, and praised the news anchor for staying positive in the face of negative comments.

“Instead of letting this [body-shaming] bring her down, she fought the good fight and decided to turn the negative energy into positive by saying nice things to as many people as possible and spreading love,” commented Union. “Plus, she continues to wear whatever feels good to her while on TV! Keep doing you, Laura!”