Primark's Disney Christmas tree baubles are here, and they're seriously cute

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Whoever you choose to celebrate your Christmas with, there’s one aspect of the festivities that’s sure to generate some heavy debate: the Christmas tree.

Whether it’s your mum’s insistence that traditional is best, your partner’s penchant for tinsel, or your flatmates’ hints that a huge, novelty, pink tree really would be brilliant addition to the place, literally everyone has an opinion on the matter.

But if there’s one thing we’ve learned in life, it’s that a dash of Disney magic can put an end to almost any argument. Which is why we’re so excited about Primark’s latest festive offering…

The high street store has just released a range of Disney baubles, featuring Micky and Minnie Mouse, Olaf from Frozen, Belle of Beauty and the Beast and Winnie the Pooh. And, yes, there are both special singular baubles and multi-buy packs available. 

Christmas might be over three months away, but a little intuition tells us that these glittery balls of joy will sell out in no time. We’ll see you at the checkout queue...

  • Pink Minnie Mouse bauble

    This Minnie bauble has been given a millennial pink makeover, complete with funky metallic detailing. Extra festive points go to that glittery snowflake pattern. 

    £5, Primark.

  • Snowflake Mickey Mouse bauble

    For those who favour an icy looking tree, this is the Mickey bauble of your dreams.

    £5, Primark.

  • Pink mix Minnie Mouse baubles

    This perfectly pink pack of four Minnie Mouse baubles would make a great early Christmas present for a friend...or just, yourself. Personally, we can’t get enough of the ombre one. 

    Pack of four, £4, Primark.

  • Glitter Micky Mouse bauble

    Luckily for us, Mickey’s wardrobe staples include some Santa-esque red trousers, which makes him the perfect addition to a traditional Christmas tree. Those festive sparkles don’t hurt, either. 

    £5, Primark.

  • Red Minnie and Mickey Mouse baubles

    For the true Disney fans among us, this collection represents Minnie and Mickey Mouse in their signature colours – and even includes a nod to Minnie’s iconic polka dot dress. 

    Pack of four, £4, Primark.

  • Olaf bauble

    Oh Olaf, could you get any cuter? This happy little bauble sums up the loving nature of Christmas with this sweet Frozen quote. And, as the film is set in winter, this cheerful snowman couldn’t be better suited to the collection.

    £5, Primark.

  • Beauty and the Beast bauble

    This tree decoration perfectly captures the magic of one of our favourite Disney stories.

    £5, Primark.

  • Winnie the Pooh bauble

    We love the sketchbook-style illustration on this blue speckled Winnie the Pooh bauble, which shows Winnie, Tigger and Eeyore sharing a cuddle. This decoration makes us think about the importance of friendship, and, with a twist of nostalgia, is the perfect adornment for yours and your flatmates tree. 

    £5, Primark.


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