Productivity anxiety: this viral TikTok perfectly explains how to relieve productivity anxiety around work

Productivity anxiety: this viral TikTok perfectly explains how to relieve productivity anxiety around work

Overwhelmed by the pressure to have everything in your life and career figured out at once? This simple but practical tip could help you to reframe it.

As the years go by, it feels like there’s more and more pressure to have everything together. Even after everything the past two years have thrown at us, we’re still encouraged to have a morning routine, partake in aesthetic self-care rituals, manifest our futures and then actually go and achieve those goals.

Our existences are all about being streamlined, efficient and productive, and while that has its benefits, it can also feel stifling, leading to the kind of overwhelm that actually paralyses us from doing anything.

This fatigue can be present in all aspects of our lives, but particularly our careers. We want to climb the ladder, rising through the ranks while ensuring a reasonable work-life balance. We want to earn enough to secure our futures without compromising our ethics. And it can all seem like a bit of balancing act as to which plates keep spinning and which, inevitably, have to fall.

So, when you start to feel swallowed by everything you want to achieve, the milestones you’ve set for yourself and heights you want to reach, what do you do?

According to TikTok user @tamillionaire4eva, the “two month method” is the answer.

In a video that currently has over 50,000 likes, she explains the simple trick she uses to help her reframe potentially overwhelming situations, when it comes to career and beyond.

“If you have a tonne of career anxiety and you don’t know what you want to do, here’s something that helps me that I figured out a couple of years ago, and it’s completely changed my life,” she says.

“At any given point, all I think about is what I need to do for two months at a time. For example, if you’re trying to get a job or change jobs, spend the next two months identifying the companies you want to work at, apply for ‘x’ jobs and update your resume. And just do that.”

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The user goes on to stress how taking things just two months at a time, in bitesize pieces, can help to remove a lot of the stress and anxiety around having it all figured out at once.

“Just figure out what’s in your control, and do those things,” she says later.

It’s simple advice, but something we could probably all do with being reminded of.

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